So remember that time I had an ERCP? And it didn’t go well and I got all perforated and they had to put in stents? Well, the stents need to come out. Apparently that’s always been the plan, though it kind of shocked the hell out of me when I found out. It’s hard to follow all this medical stuff, y’all.

The good news is this: surgery is probably not going to be necessary. Please take a couple seconds to cheer about that. I’ll give you some space.

Yay cheering! But there is bummer news. The stents have to come out, otherwise they could clog or dislodge and embed themselves in other organs, which sounds unpleasant. And the only way to remove stents is by doing *another* ERCP. That’s right, the same procedure that went all to hell last time.

I don’t have a lot of words about this right now. I just realized that I hadn’t updated y’all on my internal organs in a long time, and maybe you guys like knowing about my internal organs? Which is weird, y’all. Get a hobby.

(Just kidding. I like that you like my organs. I think it’s sweet.)

But yeah, here are the words I have about this:

  • Scared
  • Do
  • Not
  • Want

The procedure is scheduled for 7/9. Mom is coming back. I’m just going to focus on things that are more fun and try not to panic all the time about this.

I just really don’t want to wake up with a tube in my throat again.

But more than that, I just really don’t want to not wake up.

So yeah, do not want. Have to have, but do not want. The end.