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First, and this is very important, look what iWill gave me today: 


It is confetti because I am celebrating everything all the time now and so he got me real confetti instead of just metaphorical confetti because he’s so great and also it’s still in the plastic bag that I haven’t even opened and yet is getting everywhere including on my FACE but I don’t even care because CONFETTI.

He’s so great, y’all.

I’ve had a few people ask me what my words for 2013 are going to be. After the success of Make It Happen, it’s been tough to come up with something because I’m putting so much pressure on myself to think of the perfect words.

But then I remembered that it isn’t the words that are magical. I just need to figure out the words that will remind me what I am capable of, on a daily basis. And I figured it out, y’all. The words of 2013. Well, word, actually.


It’s simple, which is what makes it perfect. Simple is good. Simple is easy to follow and can make a huge impact. Stretch.

The basic idea is this: last year, I learned so much and accomplished more than I ever thought possible. This is all good news. But I don’t want to take any of it for granted. And, even more than that, I do not want to be complacent. If I want to make the lessons of last year stick, if I want to honor what I was given and what I found in myself, I need to push myself every day.

So I will stretch. 

I will stretch my body, because I’ve worked hard to make it strong. I want to see what else it can do. I want to treat it well and push it harder and faster and longer.

I will stretch my kindness. Everyone in my life has been incredibly generous to me, especially over the last year. When Kim was sick, I was constantly stunned by the willingness of people in my life to step in and help. Now it’s my turn. I get to stretch myself to be a better friend, to be more kind, more generous, more helpful, and more loving.

I will stretch my mind. I love my new job and sometimes can’t believe that I get to write for a living. But I have so much to learn. AND I’m crazy lucky because I work with insanely smart people. So I will take every opportunity I can find to learn from them, to stretch myself and become a better writer and coworker.

I will stretch my budget. I’ve learned how important it is to dream big. And now I know that I’m capable of making big things happen. So I need to stretch every paycheck and make sure I’m planning for the future as wisely as possible.

I will stretch my hamstrings. Because they get injured a lot.

I will stretch my patience. Because as I get older, I find myself running out of it more quickly. I do not like this trend. So this year I will work to find more patience and understanding.


Think of the possibilities, guys. Who knows where I’ll be at this time next year; who knows where any of us will be. I just hope to be a better person than I am today. And maybe that will involve hard lessons, or maybe it will involve making even more amazing things happen. Or, if tonight is any indication, it will involve making rosemary flatbread and eating it as fast as it comes out of the oven, standing at the sink, until my stomach hurt. I will also stretch my stomach, apparently. 

I am very and extremely excited for this year, I hope you know.

What are your word(s) for 2013? I seriously and genuinely want to know so I can root for you the way you have rooted for me. 

PS: I have confetti at the ready for all of us. Plenty to go around.