Fresh starts. I am the Supreme Imperial Majesty of Fresh Starts. Back in school, I was the girl who believed all my academic shortcomings could be solved by a clean and organized binder, a shiny new pen, or a purple backpack. Studying never occurred to me; the fresh new angle to the problem was enough to solve everything. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t; I dropped out of college in my junior year.) I might be the granddaughter of one of the greatest generals in the history of the United States Army, but I did not inherit his work ethic. Grandaddy does not have a procrastinate-y bone in his body whereas my entire body is made of procrastination. Awesome.

Fresh starts, though. It would appear I *did* inherit Grandaddy’s “nevah quit” attitude. I mean, aside from quitting school. I totally quit that. But everything else? When one fresh start doesn’t work, I create another. And another. And another.

Fresh starts. I registered for my first 5k. Did I tell you that yet? It’s on. May 20th. Like, THIS May. Like, I will be running five k’s along Alki Beach. I’m so excited, y’all. And a little scared. Because this means I need to avoid all fresh starts between now and then. I can’t quit running and then start up again the week before. I have to move forward, running forward, every day until I’ve met this goal.

When I first set the 5k goal, I felt good about myself for exactly 11 seconds. Then I panicked. Hard. So I texted my friend Will and begged him to run this 5k with me. Because one of the weirdest things about me (and something I’m working on, honestly) is this: I can let myself down; I cannot let down a friend. Cannot do it. So I texted Will so I would have someone to hold me accountable.

And Will isn’t just any someone. Click his name, y’all. This dude is an ATHLETE. He’s training for an Ironman, which is all the running/swimming/biking in the WORLD. He’s hardcore. So he’s essentially slumming it with me, to help me meet my goal. But he gets it. He gets that the most important milestones start with one fresh start, the one that takes, the thing that pushes you to keep going until you get the job, cross the finish line, until you can jump up and down and dance your ass off in celebration. He gets it. So maybe he’s slumming it with me that day. Maybe he already has a 16-miler on his training schedule for May 20th. Maybe he also is supposed to swim 2.1 miles. This amazing man decided my goal matters enough to fit into his already crazy athletic and demanding day.

He’s a good friend. He bought me a birthday shot (liquid cocaine: Jager, 151, and Goldschalger) that knocked me on my ASS. Plus, he speaks my love language: high fives. Please to see how we sealed the deal on our 5k plan:

So this is happening. This is the time for doing, not the time for a new fresh start. One foot in front of the other. Step by step, mile by mile, one day of running bleeding into the next, and the next, and the next. This is happening. And there is nobody with whom I’d rather run my first race.

What fresh starts have you made lately? Any tips for a first-time-5k’er?