My birthday present to myself

To celebrate 31 (which is already promising to be one of my favorite years ever), I’ve put together a two-part series I’m calling 31 for 31. In Part 1 I’m going to list 31 things I’d like to do this year (an idea shamelessly stolen from Sizzle). In Part 2 I will list 31 things I’ve learned in 31 years. Thank you, Sizzle, for the great idea!

31 To-Do List:

  1. Dress like Wonder Woman and celebrate my birthday.
  2. Join a running club for accountability and form coaching.
  3. See live jazz.
  4. Send 1 hand-written letter a month.
  5. Buy coffee for a stranger at least once a month.
  6. Try Bikram.
  7. Show my face in NIA/Zumba after the Great Freakout of 2011. (In which I got frustrated, muttered, “Fuck this shit,” and stalked out in the middle of class.)
  8. Talk to more strangers.
  9. Say yes to something that scares me. (Or many somethings.)
  10. Keep my word.
  11. Get regular manicures.
  12. Eat here and also here (during fried chicken season).
  13. Take 2 writing workshops with 826 Seattle.
  14. Write (for myself) once a week.
  15. Run a 5K.
  16. And then a 10K.
  17. Go back to the playa.
  18. When on the playa, go out exploring at night by myself, at least once.
  19. Create a piece of art as a tribute to Kim to burn in the temple.
  20. Finally find and buy myself a vintage typewriter.
  21. Nightwalking. A lot more nightwalking.
  22. Write one fiction short story, just to see if I can.
  23. Continue my professional writing career by finding a full-time writing gig. (Copywriting? Grantwriting? Who even knows?)
  24. Volunteer with Marriage Equality in Washington.
  25. Participate in Seattle Works Day.
  26. Be with Grandaddy for his 90th birthday celebration.
  27. Pitch 1 new freelance story a month.
  28. See Jeff Mangum in April. (Also known as the concert of a LIFETIME for this girl.)
  29. Learn to cook without a recipe.
  30. Read one new book a month.
  31. Dance as often as possible.

What about you guys? What’s on your to-do list this year? Anything you’d vote to add to mine?