I’ve told y’all about my 2012 Words: Make it Happen. I know we’re only 19 days into the new year but I cannot even begin to describe how perfect these words have been. I had no idea how many times a day I have wishful thoughts. Instead of living my life with deliberate intention, I’ve been passively waiting for a magical wish fairy to give life to these wishful thoughts. Imagine my surprise in realizing this magical wish fairy? She totally doesn’t exist. Or, if she does, she’s extremely and incredibly late.

I have two very dear friends, RaeC and Lusty. I met them both at my birthday party last year (which means we are coming up on our Frienniversary, y’all). They are wonderful. I can’t think of two people who love life with as much ferocity and boundless joy as they. They’ve given me so much over the past year — laughter, unconditional support, thousands of kisses, and a new nickname. They call me “Alida MoorePlease.” And every time I’m at a party, Burningman event, or just walking down the street, if I hear the words, “MoorePlease,” I immediately grin and feel loveful. (See photo below. That’s me and Lusty. RaeC’s hand is on my shoulder. See how loveful I am? And grinny?)

One of the biggest surprises of 2012 (so far) has been how easy it’s been to actually make things happen. My wishful thoughts are quickly becoming my reality. And, because I have to be completely present to my thoughts at all time, I feel engaged in my life. I’m taking more chances. I’m meeting people I might not have ordinarily approached, going to parties by myself, asking boys out on dates. I am listening to the needs of my body and memorizing muscle movement as I run the streets of my neighborhood, up hills and through hipsters clustered on the sidewalk, breathing in the smell of coffee, and cigarette smoke, and Seattle.

I’m also planning. At the end of last year, I bought a whiteboard for my bedroom. I would love to give it an insanely cheesy name, like Alida’s Make It Happen Board or Maniboard Destiny, but I don’t think I can pull those off. Instead, I just call it my board. On it, I am keeping track of the freelance work that seems to be picking up. I keep track of ideas I have, stories/articles to pitch, things I want to learn more about. It’s great because now I have a visual reminder of my big goals, the things I am going to make happen for myself. And it’s been filling up lately. It would seem creativity explodes when you refuse to tell yourself no. (Who even knew? The magical wish fairy does exist. She was in me ALL ALONG!)

Make it happen. It’s so simple yet has changed so much for me already. And here’s the best part, the piece of the puzzle I never even realized was missing. Every time I whisper the words, “make it happen,” something does happen. And then, without fail, every single time? My next words are, “Thank you. More, please.” Because that’s what life is right now. Gratitude, determination, and a desire for more. More laughter. More happiness. More wonderful people who inspire me to be a more generous person. More honesty. Even more sadness and melancholy because those things bring life into sharper focus and help trim off what is unimportant, leaving only what matters, what lasts, and what is eternal. Love. Laughter. Mistakes. Dancing. Dreaming. Doing.

More, please. Thank you. More, please. Thank you.

More, please.