I want to tell you guys so many things.

I want to tell you about Burning Man. And about our new home. And I want to tell you about how I’m making steps to change my career and plan for my future.
I want to tell you guys about my life.
But to do that, I would have to tell you about the other stuff happening. The support group I started this week to help me sort through Kim’s death. About how I’m not sleeping very well. About the bad dreams I have every night. About my friend Susie, who took her own life last weekend.
And I don’t really have words about those things.
So I’m going to keep quiet, for now. If you follow me on Twitter or are a Facebook friend, you know I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet. It’s just how things are right now. I’m going to work through the hard stuff and try to learn some lessons. I will try to find my words again. And when I do, y’all will be the first to know.