Hey y’all! I’m in Colorado this week, hiding in the mountains with my family. I don’t have a lot of words right now so I thought I’d share some snippets from the week.

  • (Before heading out to whitewater raft):
  • Me: Okay, I’m going to go get dressed for RAFTING.
  • Me: I might die.
  • Me: So you should tell me your secrets.
  • Me: They’ll go with me to the bottom of the Taylor river.
  • Me: Where their skulls will be crushed on rocks.
  • Me: And then probably trout will eat them.
  • Me: And I’m not sure if trout are good secret-keepers.
  • Me: So it’s really up to you.
  • Him: Yikes. Be safe.
During the safety talk before rafting:

Guide: Some portions of the river have Class 3 rapids.
Me: Your MOM has Class 3 rapids.
Guide: You’ll be in for a bit of a rough ride at points and an easy ride at others.
Ceci: Wasn’t “Easy Ride” your nickname in high school?

At sushi with the family:

(Mom picks up a piece of a roll and the tobiko falls off into her soy sauce.)

Me: Ha. Mom lost her eggs.
Ceci: Hahahaha, she did!
Me: It’s funny because of MENOPAUSE!

I’ll be back with the usual posts next week. You know, if I don’t fall of the mountain first.