Y’all. Christmas. It’s almost here. SO excited.

Things have been crazy busy; I’ve had something going on every single night for the last three weeks nearly. Wednesday night was my first “I don’t have anywhere to go; I will go to bed early” night. I got home and stormed into our house in song.
Me: in song I’m HOOOOME! And it’s BEFORE 8pm! Now I get to take a shoooooooower! Before 9pm SHOOOOOWER! LA LA LA!
My roommate: You are ridiculous.
And I did, y’all! I took a shower and dried my hair, all before 9pm! My hair clean and shining, I took a sleeping pill and snuggled into bed.
But then. I got a text. From Betty Nebraska. And we had the following conversation:
Betty Nebraska: I wish you were here; just added brandy to my eggnog and turned on Christmas music.
Me: SO FUN! Me too!
BN: Heehee; I am a dork! Obviously I would love it if you came over right this minute! I just didn’t ask b/c I know it’s close to bedtime. Maybe I am buzzed.
BN: Though.
Me: Be there in ten! EGGNOG!
Me: Though.
BN: Shit! I am so excited!!!!!!!
BN: Though.
So off I went, sleeping pill be damned. When I arrived, she had my glass of (brandyless) eggnog ready for me. We decided while hypothetically it would be funny to say, “Remember that time Alida got pulled over for accidentally driving under the influence of a generic sleep aid and brandy,” the reality would probably make for a less merry holiday.
And even though I didn’t get home until 11, and even though I couldn’t fall asleep because I was all excited about how much fun I’d had with one of my best friends, it was totally worth it. Eggnog, Betty Nebraska, a REAL Christmas tree, and holiday music: perfect.
Now it’s time to get ready for tomorrow night’s holiday party with my favorite people. There will be delicious food. There will be presents. There will be mistletoe and vodka. It’s going to be awesome.
So to keep the spirit of Christmas and that good old holiday feel going, I offer you today’s Friday Video, in the hope you are all preparing to have your funkiest Christmas yet.
New Kids on the Block: Funky Funky Christmas: