I had my first red cup drink yesterday. I love red cup season, y’all. And my peppermint mocha was delicious. As was the one I had this morning. The secret to the perfect peppermint mocha (at least the Starbucks red cup version) is to specify HALF the amount of peppermint. Otherwise it tastes a little too much like toothpaste. But with half the peppermint, it’s a perfectly delicious red cupful of holiday cheer.

I’m not sleeping well lately. With all the good happening in my life, there’s also a fair amount of stress and uncertainty which, as always, brings mad amounts of insomnia. I lie awake worrying myself in circles about things that are mostly out of my control. And then when I do fall asleep, I’m dreaming about things I don’t want, the worst-case scenarios, and mistakes I’ve made in the past.
So again, I’m working on letting go. Reminding myself to focus on the positive, the things I do well, and how I’ve come through adversity in the past. I’m trying to draw on the strength I’ve collected during my lifetime. I’m looking at my invisible battle scars and seeing them as reminders that I am a survivor, not a victim. I will nurture myself and I will nurture the people in my life. In doing so, I will increase my joy and the love swirling around me.
And I’ll enjoy the quiet moments, sipping from my red cup and trusting that all the things going badly in my life will sort themselves out eventually. Soon I’ll be home again, snuggled on the sofa with my mother and Papa Leo, gazing at the sparkly twinkle lights on the Christmas tree, with dogs at my feet and a glass of wine in my hand. And in the meantime, I’m surrounded by love, by people who care about me, people who back me up unequivocally, people who are always on my side.
Not too shabby for Alida, y’all.
(PS: Happy birthday to my mother, who is, as always, the best person I know, the one I love most, and my favorite partner in wine. Lvoe to you, Mama!)