Except there was no turkey. I had Thanksgiving with vegetarians. (Spoiler alert: morals are not as delicious as turkey.) But even without turkey, I still found myself supine on the floor, groaning. My Twitter update, post-meal:

BooyahGirl: I’m too full to take off my pants. This is the dark side of Thanksgiving.

It was a good day. A delicious day. The food was plentiful and tasty, the company was sparkly and gorgeous, the conversation was lively and the best part?
These guys won:
And when those guys win, this happens:
Varsity’s horns were sawed off. SHORT.
My food coma/Aggie euphoria warred with each other and I could not sleep. THEN I realized 21 Jump Street is on Netflix instant watch and somewhere off in the distance, Productivity began to weep.
This morning I dragged myself out of bed to meet the lovely Erin Dean for brunch. We had waffles. Waffles of all kinds. Waffles with brie and basil. Waffles with bacon and maple syrup. Waffles with turkey and cranberry. And then I came home and collapsed again. I’m getting to know the floor very very well.
And then these guys won:
And the Eagle? It was Warred.
So I’m going to curl up on the sofa. I’m going to drink some cocoa and watch a babyfaced Johnny Depp rock some mad 80s fashion.
I hope you all have a wonderful post Turkey day. And that you’re stopping whatever you were doing and cuing up 21 Jump Street RIGHT NOW.