My phone woke me up this morning. Specifically, J calling woke me up. I was snapped from a deep sleep by Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” blaring in my ear. J was calling to check on me. He knows I’ve been feeling crummy. He has also been sick for the last week and sounded terrible. I can’t remember much of our conversation because I was so groggy but after I hung up, I realized there are worse ways to be awakened and a friend calling to check on you? Probably one of the best ways.
After we hung up, I stretched and rolled over to my laptop, turned on my morning playlist and crawled out of bed. As Neko Case’s Hold On, Hold On began to play throughout the house, I padded to the kitchen, filled the French press, and let the dogs out. That’s when I saw it. Snow. Everywhere. Falling from the sky and all over the ground. Everything was white, everything was beautiful, and the world was peaceful. At least, the world I could see in the backyard.
I am thankful, y’all. This has been a rough year but in many ways, it’s been my best year. And as I sipped my coffee (with real cream and sugar), I realized how much for which I have to be thankful.
I’m thankful for my family. We are lucky. We love each other openly and honestly, knowing we share the same crazy. We’ve been through some shit but in the end, it made us close. So incredibly close. And even though we are all too far away from each other, I know they would be here by my side in a second if I needed them. They’ve done it before.
I’m also incredibly thankful for my Chosen Family, the friends who have shown me true grace and love. They inspire me daily. They challenge me to do more, be better, and LIVE life. They sparkle and shine and call me just to check on me when I’m sick. And, most amazingly, they LOVE me. My favorite minutes are the ones spent with them. I will never know how I got so lucky.
I have so many wonderful things in my life: a job I love, a city I’m crazy about, and everything I could possibly need for comfort and happiness.
And I have y’all. You guys who read my little words and offer strength when I need it, make me laugh with your comments, and encourage me to keep demanding magic from life. Thank you. For everything.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.