I have no energy, guys. This stomach bug has kicked my ass like WHOA. I find myself staring off into space at least 47 times a day. I ventured to the grocery store to buy food for Thanksgiving and was halfway there when I realized I was wearing pajama pants with my sweatshirt. And no bra.

This is my shame this week. I’m working up the energy to make my grandmother’s molded Jello salad, which is a favorite holiday treat in my family. I’m spending Thanksgiving with 3 lovely ladies and they deserve my best.
So I’m going to make the salad and then I’m going to go curl up in bed, for a long time. And hopefully tomorrow I will wake up rested, energized, and ready to peel potatoes and make the stuffing. Because I really do love Thanksgiving.
It’s just that right now I’m most thankful for sleep. And sleep. And more sleep.
Maybe there’s something in the air this week.
Maybe that something is tryptophan.