Want to know a secret? I hope jean purses come back into style someday. Those things were awesome.

Know what else I miss? Synth pop. Keytars. Guys with mullets playing piano.
What put me in this mood? My neighbor. On Monday. See, I came home Monday morning and stepped off the elevator and into the 80s. Our elevator leads to a courtyard and all the condos in our complex face the courtyard. It’s cozy and very Melrose Place, minus the pool and the drama and awesome crazy Kimberly ripping her wig off in the greatest television moment of all time.
Anyway, I stepped off the elevator and into a veritable 80s wonderland as I heard the loud strains of Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth album BLARING from the condo next to ours. I came inside, made lunch, brought it up to my room and it was even louder because my open window is right next to the open window through which DG was wailing her heart out.
I had two choices, y’all. I could get frustrated, as this severely hindered my marathoning of Prison Break on Netflix. Or, I could set my lunch aside, throw on my gigantic hot pink star earrings, and dance it out.
(Spoiler alert: I danced it out. Like WHOA.)
As I danced, my youth came flooding back. My Electric Youth. I had the perfume, y’all. I used to listen to that album on my bright red My First Sony walkman. While roller skating in the driveway. With crimped hair.
So for you, dear ones, on this gorgeously cold Friday, I offer the following videos. Enjoy your weekend, dance it out, and find YOUR electric youth.

And my favorite Debbie Gibson song of all time: (bonus! This video has it all. Guy with mullet playing piano, backup dancers in tutus, and acid washed baggy jeans.)
Bonus video: Kimberly “wigging” out: