I’ve always been a girl who can laugh through my embarrassments. I mean, I usually laugh about them and then come tell y’all about that one time I sprained my dignity, and that other time I misplaced my pride, and also don’t forget that day I left the house and forgot my purse but remembered my mortification. It’s really just how I roll.
But tonight? Tonight I’m willingly subjecting myself to ultimate humiliation. I’ll be a reader at Salon of Shame. Many people are going to read from old angsty diaries and journals, for 5 minutes at a time. I am one of them. I will be reading from my old evangelical prayer journals. Specifically, I will be reading selections from a time right after I was certain God had told me who I was going to marry. And it’s awesome. And humiliating. And will be so fun for everyone who knows me now.
Still though. I cannot believe I’m doing this. Wish a girl luck!