I figured it out, y’all. Why I suddenly turned into an awkward-hugging Nana, that is. Because it kept happening, you see. I’d go to hug someone and my right hand would lovingly cradle the back/side of the person’s head.

It’s the damn babies.
They are tiny people, you see. Tiny, wee children. And when I pick them up and they snuggle in, I hug them back WHILE LOVINGLY CRADLING THE BACKS OF THEIR HEADS.
Silly effin’ damn tiny babies. They turned me into a freak-show hugger. But I can’t be too mad at them. You know, because they are all tiny and stuff. And they are cute and they have these larger than life personalities.
So yes. Mystery solved.
In other news, I was driving the other day and singing along with my radio. Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” came on and I started rapping along. Halfway through, I realized I was correcting all his grammar. And just like that, my rap career was over before it began.
Sometimes, as K has pointed out on her blog, when you are writing an entry a day, they can’t all be winners.