So Hump! was pretty much awesome, save one or two films that may have scarred me for life. I didn’t think anything could top last year’s ACK film (two words: anal hook) but that’s what I love about Seattle. People always surprise you. Because let me tell you: DOUBLE ACK.

I got home very late (or very early, depending on your view of it) and was ready to collapse into bed. Sadly, the first thing I saw upon entering my bedroom was my bedspread. The dog apparently got sick while I was out. So instead of going to sleep, I did 2:30am laundry, amazingly without waking up any of my roommates.
Even though I didn’t go to bed until 4, I was wide awake by 8:30. Somehow I’ve turned into such a nana; I never sleep in anymore. I’ve spent the day doing the rest of my laundry, making a raspberry coulis to go with Miss D’s birthday cheesecake, and catching up on my Netflix queue. Soon I’ll meet a new friend for coffee and then get dolled up once more for Miss D’s party.
I hope you guys are all having a wonderful weekend.
Also! I’ve already had one extremely generous blog reader donate to the Carol Brunettes and the Pike Market Senior Center and Downtown Food Bank. If any of you are feeling charitable and generously inclined, click here and donate today! I’d love you forever (even though I probably already do.)