Whenever people find out I’m a nanny, they always say the same thing. “You probably can’t wait to have kids of your own!” And I smile graciously and tell them I’m very lucky to have the job I have and talk about how much I love the kids I watch.

Because I am lucky and I do love my babies. But one of the nicest parts of being a nanny is that I go home to a kid-free house every day. I sleep through the night. I can eat scrambled eggs for dinner four nights in a row and not worry about the nutrition of the small life for which I am responsible.
It’s possible I’m missing the mother-gene. Maybe I’m more the fun aunt than the mother. My track record certainly suggests the former.
When my friends and I used to play the Game of Life, I would win by selling my children to my other, more mommy-inclined friends. My friend Erica especially would buy each of my little blue and pink kid pegs. Once I got $100,000 for each peg (but only because I threatened to throw them in the blue part of the game board — the one that represents water).
The only time in recent history I even felt sad about not having kids was when I realized having kids means you get to steal their Halloween candy after they are asleep. And that sounds awesome.
It’s just so interesting to me because the Alida from 10 years ago wasn’t at all like this. That girl wanted 4 kids, all boys. She wanted to be a Little League mom and a soccer mom and wanted her life covered in Mommy. And now I can’t imagine being anywhere other than where I am right at this moment.
So for now I’ll just be the fun nanny, the cool “aunt.” And I will enjoy my full nights of sleep and poor nutritional habits.
But maybe I’ll keep one or two little pegs the next time I play Life. You know, just to try motherhood out.
(Besides, I’m guessing kids don’t actually sell for $100,000 in real life. )