My lovely friend K issued a challenge today, albeit an indirect one: blog every day for an entire month. And as I read her post and her excitement about the challenge, I realized I wanted to play too. Maybe this is just the thing I need to move me past my writer’s block, the writer’s block that has kept me from posting a damn thing in over 2 weeks.

So here we are. Challenge accepted. I will write words. I will write words every day. Probably they won’t be my best words but hopefully they will shake things up just enough to rattle loose better words.
My absence hasn’t been intended. I’ve been crazy busy. Fall always seems to bring with it numerous events, gatherings, and parties and I could not be happier. This weekend was especially wonderful. I love Halloween. I always have. But Halloween with my friends? My motley crew of costume-loving, adventure-having, loveful all the time friends?
A few weeks ago, K and Boz came up with a brilliant theme for our group: Rock Stars. And because my friends are probably the most creative people I know, I spent my Halloween with Ziggy Stardust, Freddie Mercury, Devo, Cher (from the Turn Back Time video), Nancy Sinatra, Bjork, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Hannah Montana. I went as Madonna: Like a Prayer. We prefunked at my house (and collected a zombie bride, groom, and bridesmaid) and then headed out the Hive-Mind, an event raising money for a neighborhood cultural center and a reading organization. We karaoked, danced, snuggled, and partied our way into the next morning.
It was one of the greatest nights of my life.
The next day, as I nursed a hangover, I just basked in the afterglow of good friends. No matter what happens in my life, I am lucky. I am loved by some of the biggest and best hearts in the world.
I love fall. And I love November. This month I’ll celebrate friends’ birthdays. I’ll participate in a lovely singing group to raise money for Pike Market Senior Center and Downtown Food Bank. My gorgeous friends and I will enjoy the annual amateur porn film festival and we’ll welcome back the lovely Erin for a visit.
And I will be thankful.