We’ve had some new tenants move into our house. Please meet the newest additions of our home:

They have special battle horns, y’all. Normally they battle each other but not here. Not in our house. No, here at our house they are battling this sucker:
See that guy? That’s the Cancer. And the Unicorn and the Narwhal have joined forces and combined their mad skillz to battle the Cancer. Did you know that Unicorns and Narwhals have magical battle horns? And that those horns have special magical powers? Like, the Unicorn can shoot rainbows. And temporarily blind enemies. The Narwhal can conjure sea creatures. SEA CREATURES, Y’ALL.
This is what’s been happening lately. We’ve been busy doing battle. Fighting like hell and doing lots of battle. We’ve seen miracles, see. Unicorns and Narwhals are natural enemies. But now? Now they have united against the Cancerous Devil Ducky. And they are battling together.
That Cancerous Devil Ducky doesn’t stand a damn chance in hell.
Spirits are good here, guys. Spirits are high and we’ve been given some hope. Small pieces of hope that, we pray, will add up to an even more miraculous whole. We’re going one day at a time, one dr’s appt at a time, and in between, we watch the Unicorn and the Narwhal do battle.
Other things that have been going on:
-Preparing for a trip to Texas. Toommate (beloved, dear Toommate, she of the crackles and sage dating wisdom) is getting married. And I will be there as she walks down the aisle and also to support her the best way I know how. Which is by eating wedding cake. A LOT of wedding cake. You are welcome, Toommate.
-Celebrating. There has been a lot of celebrating. There was Jaser’s birthday and a beautiful wedding reception for beautiful friends. There was celebrating last night when a dear, wonderful, super important to me friend shared some dear, wonderful, super exciting news. There is a lot of lovefulness floating around right now.
-Hair changes. My hair is dark now, with streaks of lighter brown and a few sections of bright, neon red. Just for fun. I have zero good pictures. This is more sad for you than it is for me. You know, because I have a mirror and all. But it looks awesome. And eventually I’ll get a good picture. For you.
-I went to a UW game, my first college game that took place outside the state of Texas. And y’all. Y’AAAAAALLLLL. Can I just tell you that other colleges are doing college football WRONG. They are messing it up! People were sitting during GAME PLAY. SITTING. Like, on their asses while their team had possession of the ball, sitting. And I turned into a huge football snob, elbowing J every 10 minutes to whisper, “If we were in Texas right now…” and “Well, in Texas, this would be like…”
Amazingly he is still my friend.
So much so that he went with me to see Boogie Nights at Central Cinema. I’d never seen it, you see. I was scarred by it at a younger age, back in college. My parents decided to watch it one night when I had a babysitting gig, but I got home in the middle of the movie. My stepdad sent me to my room and told me not to come out until they said it was okay. Apparently the movie wasn’t appropriate for children. Even 20-year-old college student children. WHO WOULD NOT EVEN WANT TO WATCH IT WITH HER PARENTS ANYWAY.
So. Off I went to Central Cinema with J, to see Boogie Nights for the first time. Afterwards, we had this conversation:
Me: Wow.
J: It was a prosthetic, you know.
Me: No way. He’s Marky Mark.
J: Still a prosthetic.
Me: You’re wrong, sir.
J: Yeah? How do you know?
Logic, y’all. I haz it.
I’ve missed you guys. I always miss you when I’m away. But I’ve been reading your blogs (and sucking in the comments department) and loving you from afar. Have no fear though! I’m aclose again!
You know, just better armed this time. With Unicorn. And Narwhal. And their battle horns.
And also the sight of Marky Mark’s junk which is now BURNED INTO MY BRAIN.
What’s new with y’all?