I’ve been quiet this week. There are posts to be finished; the Germany saga, a series on surviving a broken heart, posts about losing weight and finding motivation. Those posts require a lot of words and yet, I find myself quiet.
I feel like my words have dried up. Because of other words that have recently come up in our household. Words that my roommate has had to say to me. Words like cancer. Stage IV. Lungs. Hip bones. Spine. Non-operable. Radiation. Chemo. Crummy words.
So forgive me, please, for being a little quiet right now. I have no words yet to express what has been happening. And instead of trying to force words, I’ve been watching movies with my roommate. Making fun of Ethan Hawke for being the biggest tool in “Before Sunrise,” while agreeing that we’d have been in love with his douchey-self 15 years ago. Making plans for more fun and adventures. And doing my crying at the gym, on the treadmill, hoping it just looks like sweat dripping down my cheeks.
Right now it is time to be quiet. Maybe tomorrow I will find some words.