Sorry for the delay in the Germany series; I’ve been working a LOT lately and between the babies and the sleeping and the spending as much time with my friends as possible, my little lovely blog has been neglected.

I left for Germany early in the morning on Saturday, August 8th. I packed a backpack full of sundresses and my hiking boots and a book on German culture Betty Nebraska loaned me. I apparently also packed my sex drive because I could not stop wanting to touch all the cute boys I saw in the airport and on the various airplanes. Seriously y’all. On the first flight (Seattle to Pittsburgh), I sat next to a very sleepy, very cute boy. We will call him Sleepy Cute Boy. SCB spent nearly the whole flight asleep, save the few moments he was alert enough to be snarky with me about OCD Flight Attendant (who yelled at me for putting my empty water bottle in the seat pocket. And who also yelled at another passenger for requesting a Coke during the water/oj service). SCB and I made fun of OCDFA and bonded and then SCB went back to sleep. He kept putting his head down on his tray table and I kept having to stop myself from scratching his back/playing with his hair.
I have no idea why.
I contained myself and we landed in Pittsburgh without incident (and by incident, I obviously mean inappropriate touching). I rushed to the international terminal and prayed for an aisle seat next to someone to whom I was NOT super attracted.
I got an aisle seat.
Across the aisle from me was a very cute, very muscular-arm-y boy. We will call him Cute Arm Boy. CAB kept stretching his extremely sexy arms back toward me. And I had to pinch myself (honestly) to keep from touching his muscles. Then he stood up and I saw he had a chin dimple and I very nearly made out with him right there in the aisle. Instead, I decided to spend the entire 8 hour (overnight) flight watching movies on the screen in front of me. There were two Nicholas Sparks movies to choose from (among all the other movies offered), so I went with the Miley Cyrus Nicholas Sparks movie. It was, as expected, terrible. That girl sounds like she’s been smoking her entire life. AND she can’t sing. OR act. And then Greg Kinnear was on the screen and I was all, “Greg Kinnear! What are you DOING? You were in Grandaddy’s movie. You played Bruce Crandall, for Christ sake. HAVE SOME SELF-RESPECT, MAN.” But then stupid Nicholas Sparks worked his stupid, predictable, formulaic magic and I found myself sobbing. And wanting to go sit on CAB’s lap. You know, for comfort.
Eleventeen movies (and zero inappropriate touching) later, we landed in Munich and I found Urmy outside of baggage claim. We had a happy reunion and grabbed a train to her apartment. After a quick walking tour of her neighborhood and a stop at the bakery for some fresh bread, Urmy Urmy La La surprised me with the not-so-happy-news that her apartment was on the 5th floor of a building with zero elevator. And then she bounded up all five flights of stairs while I huffed and puffed and glared and cursed my out-of-shape-lungs/body.
At this point, it was 11am in Germany and God only knew what time in Seattle. I was a sleepy girl (since I had slept zero amounts on any of the airplanes since I just really CANNOT sleep on airplanes. The flight attendant who gave me coffee at 5am scolded me and then gave me some chocolate to help my sugar rush). Urmy Urmy La La (UULL) handed me a towel and told me to shower while she made us some delicious frittata for brunch. Some hot water and a cup of coffee later, I felt more human and we began to plan the week. First on the agenda was a nap but I made UULL promise to wake me up in two hours so we could go explore.
Three hours (and a couple wake up attempts by UULL) later, I finally rolled out of bed, bleary and clumsy and not so ready to take Munich by storm. UULL made me some tea and we planned our trip to Austria while I blinked my way into awake. Once I felt more alert, we changed into real clothes and set out on a tour of her city.
Things we saw: I cannot remember what anything was called, nor did I remember to take any pictures. (Please to note: this is going to be a recurring theme in the Germany recaps, at least until I get to the part where UULL and I went to Austria. UULL is a great photographer and took a bunch of lovely photos. Until then, you’re stuck with lame semi-memories from me. Hahahahaha…ha..ha…ha.)
We walked by some really great buildings. And we saw some sculptures. And we saw Nazi monuments that had been allowed to be covered with overgrowth of leaves and vines. And we saw a balcony where Hitler gave speeches. And we saw the memorial to everyone killed by the Nazis (a torch that is always burning). I am certain all of these things have names. I cannot remember a damn one.
Dear UULL: If you are reading this, please to leave a comment with specifics. Thanks so much. 😉
We walked to one of the main squares and went into a beautiful Catholic church, where we sat in a pew and marveled at the intricate sculptures surrounding the pulpit. I also lit a candle and said a prayer for Grandaddy, as I do whenever I go into a Catholic church in a city I am visiting. We walked through an outdoor mall with vines hanging from the ceiling and did some window shopping. And then we grabbed some beer at a table outdoors before running indoors when we realized it was probably going to rain. We enjoyed our beer and had a delicious dinner of sausage and sauerkraut and potatoes and dumplings with a delicious gravy. Then we walked back to UULL’s neighborhood and had ice cream at Balla Beni, which we would do every single night in Munich. And OH MY GOD. It was the best ice cream I’ve ever had in my entire life ever. So good. They give you a reasonably-sized scoop in a conecup AND give you a much smaller taste-scoop of another flavor of your choosing, so you can try something new but not commit to it. Brilliant marketing strategy.
After our ice cream deliciousness, we wandered back to UULL’s flat and braved those damn FIVE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS again. I then collapsed into bed and slept for nearly 10 hours, awaking the next morning well-rested and ready for my first full day in Munich.
Which I will tell you about in the next post.
UPDATE: UULL left specifics! Thanks, lady!
Re: specifics…
a torch that is always burning = Platz der Opfer des Nationalsozialismus –>

one of the main squares = Odeonsplatz –>

a beautiful Catholic church = Theatinerkirche –>,_Munich

outdoor mall with vines hanging from the ceiling = Fünf Höfe –>

beer at a table outdoors before running indoors = Augustiner am Dom –>