I’m back! I got back to Seattle late Sunday night and as I walked out of the airport to wait for my lovely friend Lirpa to drive up in Blueberry, the little Mazda that could, I was hit with a blast of hot air the likes of which Seattle rarely feels.

Weather foul, Seattle. Also? I left you cool. I expect to return from a long trip and have you be exactly how I left you. Thankfully, the hot weather only lasted another two days and now we’re back to 70s and cloudy. My favorite. (Well, favorite summer weather. I’m a 50s and cloudy girl all the way in the winter.)
Germany was WONDERFUL. I have so much to tell y’all and so many pictures to share. (Pictures I didn’t take. Because I’m ridiculous. More on that later.)
I’ll get to the Europe posts soon enough but for now I just wanted to pop in and say a quick hello. I’m working on recovering from my trip, trying to adjust back to Seattle time (as my body still thinks it’s on Munich time) and settle back into my routine with the babies. PS: Somehow Baby Girl turned into a little valley girl while I was gone. Now, when I tell her we’re going to change activities, the conversation goes like this:
Me: Hey Baby Girl, it’s time to go eat lunch!
Baby Girl: (puts her hand on her hip and tilts her head) Lunch! Come on! OOOO-KAY! Like yeah!
Me: ???
BG: Come on, Leela, okay? Like, YEAH! FIST BUMP!
And then she bumps her tiny little fist against mine and blows it up and my heart melts and we go on about our day.
I had such a wonderful trip but I’m also so glad to be back. I’ve spent the week reconnecting with my friends and spending my evenings with the people who make me happiest. Summer is so different as an adult. When I was a kid, summer was the time that I saw my friends nearly every single day. Now, as adults, we’re all traveling and running around in different directions during the summer, so we don’t see each other as much. Summer is beginning to wind down and we’re all coming back together again, which is so lovely.
Last night, after dinner-coffee with Betty Nebraska, I went over to Brady’s house. I love living in the same neighborhood as my friends. Spur of the moment visits didn’t happen when I was living so far north. So it was extra sweet last night to randomly decide to go spend time with one of my favorite girls. We pulled a blanket onto the front lawn and bundled up in warm socks and leggings and snuggled with Moo while we giggled about everything in the world. Then Jasers and JoJo came home and snuggled onto the blanket with us and the four of us expanded our little circle of love. As I sat there with some of the people I love most in the world, part of my ChosenFamily, I just felt so incredibly lucky.
And it continues tonight, as I prepare to have a low key evening in with K. I can’t wait to curl up on her big purple sofa, nestle into the oversized pillows with a glass of wine, and catch up on everything going on in our lives while we nibble on pasta and salad and bread.
The more time I spend with the people who make me happiest, the more renewed I feel. My happiness is being multiplied daily and even the other, more crummier stuff that has happened in the last couple of days hasn’t been able to harsh my love-buzz. I’ll deal with it and move forward. It’s growth, y’all. I used to cocoon myself in blankets when crummy things happened. Now I cocoon myself in love.
And believe me. A love-cocoon is a hundred times warmer and a bazillion times safer.
Germany stories to come soon! Love you all!