-My face started randomly peeling.
-Including my eyelids, y’all. What’s that about?
-Still doing the gym, although I’ve taken the last two days off to rest the foot, as it was getting a little twinge-y.
-I’m housesitting/petsitting for a couple weeks, which is making me long for the days I lived alone. I forgot how lovely it is to have my own space, even though that space technically belongs to a family (and their dog. The dog I am watching. The dog who is the cutest Golden ever and who constantly demands belly scratches.)
-Homemade guacamole.
-Emotional, EMOTIONAL week of big decisions and finding my words.
-Skype date with my bestie.
-Sunshine and coffee with cream every morning. Bagels. Fruit.
-The reading of many books.
-Seriously about my face though. What’s up?
All capped off with a little stomach virus. Bleh.

I know I’ve been quieter lately; there are a few things I’m processing and I find that I don’t really have any words when I’m this deep into processing. It’s been an emotional week and I’m just glad the weekend is here and I can take some time to myself to find my words about everything. I’ll expand on this more next week but for now, I’m just glad to have this space to explore how I feel about everything going on in my life.

Happy Friday, dear readers. As always, I leave you with the best video in the world (which, oddly, changes from week to week. Weird!).