The U-Haul has been unloaded. My dear friends spent a good portion of their Saturday mornings doing manual labor, rewarded only with brunch and mimosas and my gratitude. The boxes are unpacked, broken down, and resting in a recycling bin. My linens have been freshly washed and put away. My new duvet is on the bed. My art is leaning against the walls of my new bedroom, waiting to be hung. The move is over.
And now I’m starting the Settling In.
I love my new home, y’all. It’s quiet and funky and peaceful and cool. I’ve had a good mix of time on my own and time with my new roommates, allowing me to slowly get to know them (and them to know me). It’s hilarious right now, like a never-ending first date. We’re stepping around each other gingerly, not wanting to take too many liberties. We are skating the line of questioning, not wanting to ask too much for fear of being overwhelming, but still wanting our interest to be known. This results in a lot of speaking at the same time and waiting too long to answer. My favorite is when one roommate or the other and I are chatting, and then there is a silence, and then we both ask a question at the same time. This is followed by another silence, as we debate silently whether we will reask our question OR answer the question posed to us. The best is when one of us chooses the reask and the other chooses the answer and then we speak at the same time again, resulting in laughter and crinkly smiles and the shared knowledge that we just need time to settle into a new rhythm.
This morning kicked off my new routine. Now that I’m living in West Seattle, my commute is much longer. And because my dear Susie Lightning has been susceptible to breaking down lately, I’ve decided to become a bus-commuter, which means I’ll be away longer during the day, which means I have to wake up earlier to ensure Moo gets plenty of exercise before I leave, so she’ll spend her day sleeping and not missing me too much.
I woke up at 5 this morning. My alarm was set for 5:30 but I was awake naturally at 5 so I went with it. I lounged in bed for a stretch, waking up slowing and leisurely over email and blogs. Then I laced up my sneakers, fed Moo, and took her on a long walk around the neighborhood, finishing at the park near my house. We played fetch for 45 minutes, until she revolted in exhaustion and took her ball to the opposite end of the field, refusing to come back. I was home by 6:15, giving me time to shower and relax as I got ready for my day. I headed downstairs and caught the bus right outside my building, iPod blaring and Orca card at the ready. I ended up getting to the neighborhood where I work 30 minutes early, so I walked to my favorite coffee shop and grabbed my Americano and lingered at the counter, chatting with my favorite baristas.
I could get used to this routine. It was lovely not driving, lovely to sit and listen to my Savage Love podcast and people watch while I enjoyed the crisp Seattle morning.
There has been a lot of change in my life this year, most of it out of my control. This change, however unexpected, seems good. I’m feeling some crackles, small ones, but clear. There’s a shift coming, and I’m trying to steady myself for whatever happens next.
For now, I’ll settle. Into my new home, this new season of my life, and my new skin. Thanks for settling in with me.