I have spent the last week surrounded by messes, boxes, trash bags, recycling bins, and sorted piles. Ah, moving.

I move a lot. Since moving to Seattle 3 years ago, I’ve moved 5 times. I’m great at moving. I know exactly how to divide the work and spread it out over a few days so that it’s not so overwhelming:
-Sort through my clothes and give anything that hasn’t been worn (seasonally) during my time at my current home to Goodwill. Pack everything else according to season in storable Rubbermaid boxes.
-Sort through all my books and set aside a box for Half Price or Goodwill.
-Sort through all my makeup and hair products and toss anything over 6 months old.
Do one of these tasks each day and pack as you go. Simple, right? Except instead I watched Netflix on my lappy and ate snacks, proving once again that nothing tastes better than self-sabotage. (Good news though: NO CHEESEBURGERS! Take that, last post!)
I called in for reinforcements and my friend Brady came over to keep me on task. She oversaw the sorting of the clothes (convincing me there was no point in holding onto the red velvet dress circa the Gap 1997 because I probably will never be a 1997 size 8 again and if I do somehow become a 1997 size 8, don’t I deserve new clothes and also I will never learn how to sew to fix the hem and will be too lazy to take it to a seamstress and JUST PUT IT IN THE EFFIN’ GOODWILL BAG ALREADY OR I WILL THROW ALL YOUR CLOTHES AWAY SO HELP ME GOD).
Everyone needs a Brady.
We’ve made some solid progress. Everything is very nearly in boxes. She’s coming back over tonight to oversee the final loads of laundry and the final sorting/packing of my things. I pick up the truck tomorrow morning, after dropping the dog off at the groomer so she can stay away from the upheaval of loading/unloading the U-Haul, as moving stresses Moo the hell out. Some wonderful friends have offered to help with the move and so tomorrow promises to be super fun, as I love my friends almost as much as I freaking LOVE driving a U-Haul. Love. Love love love love love.
All of this is to explain my absence from the blog this week. Once I’m settled into my new home, I’ll be back. In the meantime, I will leave you with my usual Friday list.
-So You Think You Can Dance? More like So You Think You Can CRY YOUR EYES OUT FOR ALEX WONG. Poor, poor injured Alex Wong, who is off the show because of a messed up Achilles tendon. It actually detached itself from the bone. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, TENDON? Stab me in the heart. I still have Kent Boyd but he’s more for the cute factor. Alex Wong was for the HOLY CRAP HOW CAN A BALLET DANCER DO THAT factor. Heart. Broken. He’s invited back for next year, so my heart will go on.
-Last week it was in the 50s. Yesterday it was 97. I love crazy Seattle weather. I got to wear my favorite summer sundress and discovered my newest superhero talent: pasty white reflective skin. Look out, Seattleites. My skin will blind you as you drive!
-Last night I went to pick up the keys to my new home. My drive took me past the Puget Sound. There were like 40 sailboats all in a cluster in the Sound. It was so crazy, like when you see a cluster of birds all land in a tree at the same time and it’s all, “Hey you guys! Are you having a meeting? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW?” The Sailboats had very important things to say to each other.
I will leave you with my favorite YouTube video. The song, the makeup, the music. Love it all. Marina and the Diamonds, how you amaze me.
Have a great weekend, my favorites, and eat delicious things. (But you know. Not emotionally. Just out of regular hunger, if you please.) Catch y’all on the west side!