I love you guys. You know this. And if you don’t know this, let me just tell you again. I love y’all more than frozen Thin Mints and frosty milkshakes. I even love you more than frosty milkshakes made of frozen Thin Mints. Topped with whipped cream. Covered in crumbled up frozen Thin Mints. Served with a side of fries. And maybe a cheeseburger. Or three.

I cannot remember what I was saying. Also, how did this drool get all over my keyboard?
It’s Friday which is my favorite day. Friday is the day of One Baby (instead of Two). And while I miss Baby Boy, having a day with only one child is like eating cake with a spoon; so easy and delicious. Baby Girl and I lounge. We relax. We take a nature walk. We swing. We pour bowls of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies and sit side by side on the couch, bowls in our laps, munching on crackers and discussing important life questions, like which of my fingernails is red (the pinky) and which is purple (the thumb). (Sidenote: who knew my Pride manicure would be such a great learning tool?) We turn up the music and dance around the living room. We YouTube funny videos of dogs and cats and giggle with our heads close together. And when I ask her if it’s time to take a good nap, she snuggles in, grabs my face in both hands and lovingly says, “NO Leela. NO. More dance, pees.” And so we do.
I woke up this morning with ridiculous amounts of energy. I wanted to run and I never run. This keeps happening. I can only hypothesize that the SparkleBoot is to blame. The minute I am physically incapable of exercise, I want nothing more in the world than to run miles and miles. I miss the gym. The boot comes off in a little over a week which verily means this desire to exercise will abandon me in a little over a week as well. Such is my life.
I did some math for y’all. Ready for me to drop some mathy knowledge on you? Here it is: My Ass + This Week = Kicked. Broken phones, cars, spirits, etc. Baaaad eating. Low (low low low low low low) self-esteem. All in all, this week requires a Do Over. Since I haven’t figured out time travel, I’m going to fill my weekend with things that make me happy.
-The Dog.
-Being Outside.
-DVDs in Bed.
-Hair Dye.
Somehow I’ve stumbled upon a quiet weekend, with no plans. I’m loving this a little bit. No obligations, nothing that requires my presence. I can just veg out in peace. Also I should probably pack a little bit. And do laundry. Which is a buzz kill. But still.
I hope you all have wonderful weekends. Happy 4th. Eat hot dogs and pie. Watch fireworks. If you live near sand, go put your toes in it. If you live near water, go dangle your feet in it. If you have grass nearby, roll around in it. These things are fun and fun is good. 🙂
Other thing that is fun: This video. Please to watch it immediately. Skip to the 1:10 mark for the dancing. The amazing dancing. The amazing, cannot believe Alex Wong’s skillz as a mad hip-hop dancer dancing. The amazing, cannot believe Alex Wong’s skillz as a mad hip-hop dancer, because Alex Wong is a classically trained ballet dancer dancing.
Kent Boyd may be my boyfriend but Alex Wong is my new dance guru. Take us to our weekends, sir!