Things that have broken recently:

-My phone.
-My car’s battery
-My car.
-My spirit.
Number of new alternators needed:
Number of sebastian belts needed:
-Zero. But only because it’s actually the serpentine belt. Which I always accidentally call the sebastian belt (which doesn’t actually exist). And then I think of Sebastian Bach. And also Guns N Roses but only because it’s my way of remembering “serpentine” belt, although it really only results in my telling the mechanic I need an “Axl belt, please.”
Number of cheeseburgers eaten out of desperation and in response to broken phone/car/spirit:
Number of times I sat down to write a blog post and instead came up with big fat NOTHIN’:
Number, on a scale of 1-10, designating how sad I feel for y’all that you’re stuck reading this instead of something more awesome:
Number of desperate emails sent to the Nerd, asking what I should write about:
Number of new places to live acquired in the last week:
Number of new roommates:
-2 (and they seem pretty great!)
Weeks left in the Magic Spaceboot:
Things that magically fixed themselves:
-My phone.
Things that Gary the mechanic is fixing soon:
-My car.
Things that some sleep, some time with friends, and snuggles with the dog will fix:
-My spirit.
Things I love: