The sun is out, y’all. There’s something about summer sunshine in Seattle that makes me want to go buy twenty sundresses and let my hair dry naturally. Of course, the sun is going to go away tomorrow but TODAY it is sunny.

In celebration of the sun, I’m leaving you with a Friday list.
Stuff that makes my sun shine brighter:
-I bought something I couldn’t afford this week. Not my fault, really. First, The Universe sent me an email and dared me. Second, IT’S CONCRETE FREAKING BLONDE. That’s right y’all! Thursday night I’ll be seeing Concrete Freaking Blonde. I’ve decided the heartbreak of my first relationship was totally worth it because it was through the Vampire (and the goth club we went to once) that I found Concrete Freaking Blonde.
-That my job includes blowing bubbles indoors and playing with stickers. Here is what Baby Girl and I did today:
-Sundresses. I bought three yesterday. Thank you, Target, for being affordable and cute.
-Tonight I’m going to wear one of my new dresses and go to a benefit for Open Circle Theater. I’ll rock the spaceboot, watch my gorgeous friend Betty Nebraska perform some sexy burlesque, and surround myself with friends while we raise money for a great little theater in Seattle.
-Tomorrow night is the 3rd Annual Black and White Party. Again with the pretty dresses and friends and dancing and spaceboot. I love a weekend with plans.
-Some great things have happened this week and I feel like I’m really starting to get my groove back. It’s amazing what being flirty/flirty will do for a gal’s groove.
-SYTYCD is back and with a vengeance. May I introduce you to my new fake boyfriend, Kent Boyd? I’m warning you. Watching Kent Boyd is very risky. Your heart might explode with Kent Boyd’s cuteness. Seriously. He’s like what would happen if a unicorn exploded into tiny little bunnies.
So have a great weekend, loves of mine. Enjoy the sun if you have it, buy a new dress, do some dancing, and eat a popsicle or two. Maximize your joy. Use cartwheels if necessary. Soak up the sun and the summer and love.
I’ll catch you on the flip side!