I received a text today from a Nerd:

“Tell a stranger it’s your birthday.”

So I texted back:
“How old am I?”

She wrote:

I responded:
“All over it.”

To which she replied:

I promised to report my findings, so here they are:
The Challenge: Pretend you are celebrating your 19th birthday today. Tell a stranger.

Background: I am actually 29, so I had to shave 10 years off my real age.
Methodology: Go to the bank. Tell the teller (heh) it is my birthday.

Me: I need to deposit this check.
Him: Alrighty.
Me: Are you having a good day?
Him: Not too bad, you?
Him: Happy birthday!
Me: It’s no big deal. Thank you.
Him: What are you going to do to celebrate?
Me: My friends are throwing me a BIG party.
Him: Well that sounds fun!
Me: (getting too into it and forgetting it isn’t really my birthday and there actually is no party) It will be! You should come!
Him: Okay. Just one question though.
Me: Yeah?
Him: Well, your driver’s license here says your birthday is in January.
Me: I see.
Him: So which is it?
Me: January.
Him: So why are you saying your birthday is today?
Me: I think a better question is why aren’t YOU saying your birthday is today?
Him: (giving me judge-y weird-y look) Uh huh. Here is your deposit receipt.
Me: Thank you, young man.
Then I left the bank.
And I’ll probably never be able to go back.
Challenge Result: Completed.