I took this from my favorite nerd because it’s Friday and I’m too brain-squizzled to think of anything to talk about.

I am…very clumsy.

I think…about things like coffee, the Spice Girls, and how I should go to the gym more.

I should…go to the gym more. And also eat more veggies.

I dream…every single night. Sometimes I wake up holding a lamp.

I want…to learn how to tap dance.

I know…how to balance food on my nose and catch it in my mouth.

I don’t like…cilantro, english muffins, or the smell of car fumes.

I smell…like cupcakes, usually.

I hear…like a 40-year-old, according to the audiologist two years ago. I don’t know if that means I have good hearing or not. Does the 40-year-old have good hearing? Is the 40-year-old close to death?

I fear… crickets. And unwrapping individually-wrapped rolls of toilet paper because one time a spider was hiding the middle of the roll and it jumped out and scared the hell out of me so now if I have to unwrap a single roll of toilet paper, I do so while throwing it at the wall and screaming.

I usually…skip lunch. I don’t mean to but the babies keep me very busy and then sometimes I eat some grapes in the afternoon.

I search…for shoes that don’t hurt my feet, jeans that don’t fall down, and the perfect cup of coffee.

I miss…Linds.

I always…cross at the crosswalk. Because if you don’t THAT IS HOW YOU LOSE A LIMB.

I regret…bangs. Every time I’ve ever gotten bangs. It’s always a mistake.

I wonder…if I’ll be accepted to UW.

I crave…books. Seriously, I will get a sudden craving for a book I haven’t read in years and then I have to read it immediately.

I remember…stories nobody in my family remember so they all think I am a liar.

I need…to go to the bank. And to pack for Boston.

I forget…to renew my tabs. Every. Single. Year.

I feel…dizzy in the summertime. It’s a weird allergy thing.

I can…love so much it will make your head spin.

I can’t…handle homophobia.

I am happy…at least once a day.

I lose…myself in relationships. I’m working on figuring this out.

I sing…all the time. Shower, car, to the babies. I make up words to songs when I can’t figure out what the singer is saying.

I listen…like a mofo. And I’m a hell of a secret keeper.

I shop…as often as I can afford, which is never.

I eat…only things that sound delicious.

I love…constantly.