(Part of my friend Paul’s costume this weekend. He went as Moses. These were his commandments.)

Glitter is a magical, magical thing.
(Fake eyelashes though? Fake eyelashes are hard, y’all. They get sticky and they fall off my face and maybe there is one stuck to my makeup bag now and I can’t get it off. Possibly.)
But glitter is magical and should be worn when one needs a miracle.
I should start at the beginning. Friday night I met up with some great friends for pre-pre-funk. We took over their living room, banished my friend Jasers to the basement, and put on our finest, sexiest outfits. This was glitter round 1. When we were ready to go, we grabbed a cab and headed to K’s house to pre-funk. A shot of blueberry vodka, a toast to a wonderful evening with amazing people, and we were out the door, walking to the Seattle Center to attend the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. I love SEAF. I love being surrounded by people who are exploring, people who are open, people who are so accepting and loveful of those around them. And this year’s event didn’t disappoint. Like any art festival, I saw pieces I loved and pieces that didn’t stand out to me. There were some sculptures (a moving swan/flower piece in particular) that were beautiful. There was burlesque and boylesque, which was my favorite performance of the night. There were beds for lounging and naked girls reading.
I spent the evening surrounded by friends, by art, and by love. And by the time Jasers hailed me a cab in the early morning, all my sadness had gone far, far away.
I woke up on Saturday feeling changed. Happy. Ready for more adventures. So the day was filled with brunch and shopping and friends. Saturday evening found me putting on another costume, dressing up for another night out. This time I was attending M4, billed as an arts collective and costume party with the theme “Revolution.” In staying with the spirit of the weekend, I went as the part of the movie Pleasantville where the characters start seeing color, the beginning of their sexual and world revolution. I wore a black and white polka dotted Donna Reed dress with a bright yellow belt and hot pink shoes. I carried a hot pink handbag and wore bright red lipstick and sexy blue eyeshadow. I wore pearls. It was a symbolic costume for me. I wanted to distance myself from feeling sad and work to see the good things surrounding me. I wanted more color in my life.
M4 ended up being disappointing but we salvaged our evening and headed back to SEAF for the after party. It was amazing. I embraced the sexy, held my head high, and danced. I lounged on beds with fantastic friends, partied with cave people and Moses, and allowed the beats of the music and the bright lights to swallow me.
And I met someone.
See, my favorite exhibit of SEAF was an interactive piece. It was a bed, laden with pillows, with two side tables. You sat at a table and wrote a love note on a piece of heavy card stock. When you finished your note, you took it to the bed and placed it in one of the pillows. But before you left your note, you took one of the notes already left in the pillow, so you walked away with a stranger’s love note.
I sat at the table and closed my eyes, thinking about the weekend, about my friends, about the state of my life. And that’s when I saw her. She’s beautiful, happy, and full of color. She’s amazing and glittery and thriving, with Crackles sparkling all around her. And so I focused on her face, free of worry and sadness, and on the Crackles, so full of promise, and wrote this magical girl a letter:
Beautiful girl. You are loved. You are free. You are strong and bold and so very brave. Please never forget how much I love you, how I am rooting for you, and how I will always be on your side. Love love love you.
And I signed it, “The future you.”
As I crawled into bed at 4am on Sunday morning, I couldn’t keep from smiling. This weekend was all about color for me, about filling my life with colorful people, colorful art, colorful music, colorful love. But more than all of that, it was about meeting this person inside me, this girl who isn’t afraid and who seeks out challenges and new opportunities and new people. This girl whose life might get turned upside down but never breaks her stride as she changes direction and runs toward a new future.
I met her this weekend.
And I think I’m in love.
Pictures of SEAF found here and here. As soon as my fellow revelers upload their photos, I’ll post some pictures from the weekend.