Mom came through in a clutch play and y’all get to benefit:

3rd grade

I had just gotten the short hair cut and the kids didn’t know to be mean back then. This was pre-Chris Keith.

The Infamous 4th Grade School Picture:

Wet hair. Awesome hair bow. Drips on the pink vest. Legendary.

5th Grade: The Year of Brandon Trotter

Why yes, that IS a full body pantsuit with shoulder pads and a giant bow. Why yes, I DID look like a clown!

6th Grade: The First Year of the Open Mouth Era

7th Grade: The Open Mouth Era continues

Trying to recreate 6th grade in order to make Brandon Trotter fall in love with me. Did not work.

8th Grade: Trying to Be Like the Popular Girls

The popular girls wore bangs and straight hair. I wore bad bangs and semi-straight, mostly frizzy hair. I was not able to infiltrate their group at that time.

High school is next. It requires pictures that need to be sorted and scanned, so expect part 3 of the retrospective after my Boston trip.

Thank you all for sharing my pain.