My new favorite internet friend, The Nerd, posed a question on her blog today, a fill in the blank. I like her, I like fill in the blank questions, and I like responding to challenges from other bloggers. So here are my answers:

This weekend I ____________ .

This weekend I had brunch with my lovely friend Erin. Sitting at the counter of The Dish, we discussed relationships, politics, growing up, burlesque, and kitchen remodels. She’s my friend who understands my weird sudden moods in which I need to stay in my house, what I mean when I talk about secret eating, and is one of the smartest people I know. She’s also a very sexy burlesque performer.

After brunch, Victoria and I went thrifting to find some outrageous dresses for Seattle’s Mom Prom, a benefit for Postpartum Support and Education. And we thrifted and thrifted and walked away with two of the greatest 80s prom dresses ever. Mine was actually a skirt I wore as a strapless dress with a little black cardigan and Vix found a crinkly metallic fuschia dream. Paired with hot pink lacy leggings and big hair, we were ready to go.

Please to note our awesomeness:




The prom was super fun; we danced for hours until our backs hurt and my feet were blistered and bruised. I also gave Vix all my drink tickets (because you know, she’s a mom and doesn’t get to stay out until midnight very often) and she made goooood use of them. About 5 minutes before the final raffle drawing of the night, Vix bopped over to the ticket table and convinced them to sell her 20 tickets, which she dumped in the grand prize drawing. As we waited for them to call the final prizes, I told her if she won she had to scream and freak out.

She totally won.

She was a little too toasty to read the ticket numbers but when they called the winning ticket, I realized it was in her range of tickets and was all, “OMIGOD! YOU TOTALLY WON!” and she kind of stared at me for a second and then blinked and then she SCREAMED. LIke, OMG screamed. And, still screaming, she skipped up to collect her prize (an hour long personal style session for her and 8 of her friends, worth over $800!). She screamed as they took her ticket, screamed as they handed her the envelope, and screamed as she ran back to our table.

Awesome. Check out her raffle-winning glory:


This weekend I also got to spend a lovely Sunday with some equally lovely friends. On Sunday morning I met my friend J for coffee at my favorite bakery. I got there early and grabbed my Americano and ginger pear muffin and snagged a table outside.


Please notice the fried egg keychain given to me by my other Erin, my LA Survivor Erin. I love my yearly food keychain. (To notice this, you’ll actually have to click the picture if you aren’t reading this in your reader feed.)

J arrived and gifted me with the most awesome thing ever: White Lion’s PRIDE album. Download When the Children Cry. You will not be sorry. J is a wonderful friend and we knew we were meant to be friends forever when, 2 years ago, we made each other mix tapes for Christmas. We’d both put the same song as track 1 on our mixes: Motley Crue’s Sticky Sweet. Oh yeah. Awesome.

After delicious coffee and conversation, I met up with Miss D for mischief at the Ballard Farmers Market. We were punked by the dude selling flavored cream cheese when he offered us HABA-FREAKING-NERO cream cheese without warning us. Miss D loves spicy and it was even too much for her. I can’t handle spicy and very nearly died. We tore into the loaf of herbed onion bread I had just purchased, hoping to quell the fire, as we walked away cursing the cream cheese vendor. Jerk. Then I dragged Miss D to a farmers booth because I want to grow stuff. It didn’t hurt that the farmer was mega cute. After asking every question i could think of about planting gardens in Seattle, I dragged myself away from the tall burly farmer, and had this conversation with Miss D:

Me: That farmer was CUTE.
Miss D: (eyes wide) He had DIRT under his fingernails!
Me: Duh. He was a FARMER.

As we walked around, buying rhubarb and deciding it was best for our friendship that we have the complete opposite taste in boys, I took in the sunshine and the blue skies and the dear friend and felt genuinely happy with my life in that moment.

And then we found doughnuts. You guys. YOU GUYS. There was a dude with a wee little doughnut maker making wee little doughnuts. (Sorry Ceci, donuts.) He dropped the dough in the little trough of hot oil and they’d float through the river of oil, frying to a golden deliciousness. Then he’d scoop them hot into a paper sack and pour a ton of cinnamon sugar on them. We bought 6 and they were gone in about 2 minutes. DELICIOUS.

After the market, I came home and spent the evening with my roommates, watching Buffy and eating Vix’s homemade butternut squash soup with my fresh bread.

This weekend I had a ton of fun relaxing into my friends, my city, and myself.

This weekend, I found this girl, the one with the gumption and the joy. I hope she will come out to play more often: