I really like you. Did you know? In fact, I like you guys a LOT. And I’m feeling very loveful toward you all right now. I used to blog a lot. And then I met my old boyfriend, The Vampire, and stopped having words to share. And then our relationship ended and I found my words again. And then I moved to Seattle and met some wonderful friends (Miss D in particular) and found even more words to share. And then I met Slim and we started dating and I lost my words again. And I’d think of you guys, of my blog, and I’d miss my words. But I didn’t have any and so I avoided the blog, and you guys. Until suddenly, when I found myself heartbroken and tearful and full of words. And so I came back and wrote and can’t believe you guys are still here.

Thank you. Thank you all for listening, for reading, for your thoughtful comments and your sweet emails. You guys have been amazing. So many of you have emailed me, sharing your own heartbreaks, promising me it won’t always feel so awful, and cheering me up with your words. You guys have been supportive and silly and I love you all for everything.

I like knowing you are here. I like sharing my words with you. You make me braver. You make me stronger. And you make me feel hopeful about the next steps. I’ll be able to work through my sadness because you guys are here listening. And eventually, someday, I’ll probably even start to date again (yikes) and the only thing that makes that less scary is knowing you guys will be here for that.

So thank you. Thank you for being here.

I’m loveful for you all.

PS: I know it’s been maudlin and violin-y around here lately and I really am sorry for that. Stick with me though. I’m working on finding the funny again. My brain is a little bit broken but I’m starting to get some ideas. Hell, I’ll even take suggestions. 🙂 Just don’t give up on me yet. ❤