People say that words have power and I guess it’s true. The first bad word I ever said was in 6th grade when I called Austin Harris an asshole. He just laughed at me because clearly I was fairly un-badass, but I remember feeling liberated. That was the same year I flipped someone off for the first time (sorry, Sean Bradford but you were kind of mean and I kind of had a crush on you). I felt powerful just through one word and one gesture I didn’t even understand.

I’ve spent the last week writing some Very Important Words: my personal statement for my application to the University of Washington. And about an hour ago, I submitted my application. Choosing the words for my statement was very difficult; my previous grades were. . . not so good. My words are my only chance of being accepted to the university. So it took forever, clearly, because the words had to be perfect.

Here’s the thing though. There is no such thing as perfect words. I’m proud of what I wrote and I hope I am accepted but in the end, if I don’t get in? It’s not because my words were wrong, not because they weren’t powerful enough. It just means I have to try again, work a little bit harder, take another class, write more words. And if finishing my degree is really important to me, then I’ll do that.

I may not have a lot of words right now and maybe that’s okay. I just did something tonight that I’m really proud of and I wanted to share it. I wrote big words and applied to college.

And I just wanted you to know.