I didn’t weigh myself for nearly 4 years. I said that weight was just a number and that it didn’t define who I was. I was not a number on a scale. I was beyond numbers on a scale. I was ENLIGHTENED!

I was also full of shit.

(Sorry Erica, for the the bad word. But I just really was full of…that.)

See, I’m happy to be all high and mighty and tight-lipped when my weight is quite clearly something I don’t want to know. But if the scale said something like 130? I would have tattooed that number on my forehead and then gone shouting in the streets, “I weigh 130 BITCHES!”

It’s true.

So the first step, they say, is admitting the problem. And the problem is heavy, guys. The problem actually is about 187lbs of heavy.


Wow, okay. I did it.

Moving on!

So how am I going to solve this 187lb problem? The answer is simple: better food, actual exercise, and motivation.

Better food: find me on http://www.dailyburn.com (user: BooyahGirl). You’ll be able to see what I’m eating every day. You can be my friend and we can motivate each other. Please note that all motivation should be typed LIKE THIS BECAUSE MOTIVATION CLEARLY SHOULD BE IN ALL CAPS! MOTIVATION!!!!!!!!

Actual exercise: I’ve joined two challenges so far on Gyminee (which is what Daily Burn used to be called, but Gyminee is cuter and we are sticking to that name). I will be doing 1000 push-ups (not all at once, but a few every day) and walking 1000 miles (again, not all at once). We are also going to start hiking and I’m going to be walking Slim to a bus stop 2.3 miles away 3 times a week.

Motivation: First, Slim and I are choosing one treat to enjoy each weekend, only if we’ve done very well on our Gyminee goals during the week. Second, I’ve decided on a reward for every milestone:

10lbs: hiking pants
15lbs: one Yoga class a week
20lbs: a new swimsuit
25lbs: Haircut/color


I told Slim that I wanted to get to a point where I felt comfortable to wear a bikini top with shorts. He told me that when I reach that goal, he wanted to do something special as a reward.

That reward?


That’s right, guys. HAWAII! I’ve already set that picture as my desktop background *and* I’ve downloaded some Hawaiian music onto my iPod for my workouts.

So there you have it. My plan to tell this extra weight, “Aloha,” and to finally see what 140lbs looks like.

Come onto Gyminee and be my friend. Follow along here. Offer advice!

I’m going to kick ass on this Whatever. Mark my words! My weighty, weighty words.