Sometimes things go a bit topsy-turvy. And when that happens, at least when you are me, the best way to feel right side up again is to make a quick list of the things for which you are loveful.

I am loveful for these things:
-That I survived my first experience of doing improv on a stage. Where people could actually see me. And were actually watching me. And not only did I survive, I had so much fun.
-Challenging myself in my job and actually fighting hard enough to make sure I’m growing in this position.
-Conversations that require a spoonful of peanut butter as I pace around with the phone close to my ear, giggling with Linds.
-Huckleberry hot chocolate.
-Having a dear friend with whom it’s just as fun to load a car full of goodwill stuff as it is to go to 2 movies in one week!
-A new and wonderful group of people who have lovefully asked me to read books and play games with them.
-New friends, specifically the kind I meet at the theater and then proceed to spend tons of time with during one weekend. Especially when these same good friends give me Aeroplane…ON VINYL. Thank you April!!!
-Visitors! My Linds will be here in a week and a half and then my family will be here for the first week of July!
-Seeing the Market through the eyes of my favorite artist and dear friend.
-You guys, who are so patient with me when I get a bit non-posty.

I’ve set aside time tonight to write about the bathmat. Honest.

Just don’t eat before you read it. BELIEVE me.

That’s all I got!