My grandmother had a sweet tooth. Alas, being a Southern Gal, she also had a bit of vanity. She would always fret about maintaining her “girlish figuah.”

Her solution? Hershey’s Kisses. Every evening after dinner, she would take six Hershey’s Kisses from the bag and that would be her sweet stuff for the day. She would eat them slowly, sipping her wine.

On my 23rd birthday, I received a card from her. This was not an unusual occurrence, as we are big on cards in my family. But that year? Grandmama got a bit creative. That year, when I opened my birthday card, hundreds of tiny pieces of paper poured out of the envelope, fluttered around, swirling in the air and landing at my feet. I knelt down and picked one up. And smiled.

Grandmama had collected and saved hundreds of flags from the Hershey’s Kisses; you know, the white ones with the blue writing that say, “Kisses Kisses Kisses.” And in so doing, she was able to shower me with kisses from afar on my birthday.

Today marks four years without her. I know now I will never get used to this. So instead of focusing on how much I miss her, I’m going to focus on Good Memories.

It says something of her wonderfulness that I have so many Good Memories from which to choose.

Showered with Kisses, indeed.

(And to my “anonymous”: lvoe. Lots today. All the lvoe I have.)