I keep meaning to write lovely long posts, full of meaningful words and fantastic stories.

But I keep doing other stuff instead.

So here is my list. My List of Stuff I Did Instead:

Instead of writing in my blog, I:
-Moved from one house to another.
-Watched episodes from Season 2 of 90210, thanks to a bday gift from Ems.
-Researched tap dancing lessons in Seattle.
-Went to my Improv class. Twice.
-Took Moo to the dog park. A lot.
-Went on a long-overdue Roommate Date with Miss D.
-Made a lasagna.
-And a chocolate cake.
-And cookies.
-And banana bread.
-(Can we tell I’m out of sorts, with all this cooking?)
-Hung out in Olympia at the Basic Education Task Force meeting.
-Started watching Season 3 of 90210, thanks to the generosity of myself.
-Rock Band.
-Rally Caps!!
-Decided it would be fun to start another cycle of insomnia.
-Tried to see if I could lift my mattress over my head like a superhero.
-I cannot.
-Alki with the best artist I know.
-Basic shenanigans.

So there you have it. And I can’t promise another post, or at least a meaningful (as meaningful as *I* get) right now because I’m all blah and broody and nobody needs any of that business.

But I am alive. Much like Pearl Jam.

And I do still rock Sabotage in Rock Band.

These are the important things in life.