1. I really do love Keanu Reeves. I’m not being funny. I’m not being ironic. I absolutely *love* Keanu Reeves and think he is quite possibly one of the greatest talents of our time.

2. I’m slightly addicted to Rock Band and Guitar Hero and would honestly play either game any chance I got. Sometimes I even have dreams about playing and when I wake up, I physically LONG for an XBOX.

3. Sometimes I’ll glare at the radio if a song I don’t like comes on. Examples: Old Time Rock and Roll, Ooh Baby I Love Your Way, and Born to Be Wild are good examples of songs that make me squint my eyes in anger at the stereo and curse whatever dumb ass DJ decided to play such a lame song.

4. There are other songs that make me beyond deliriously happy, so much so that I actually shout, “Hooray!” when they come on the radio. Examples: Sweet Caroline, Motown Philly, and Bad Bad Leroy Brown.

5. I’m heartbroken that Jim Croce is not only dead, but died before I was even alive to appreciate him.

6. Organized clapping makes me very uneasy. My whole life I’ve *hated* clapping along to a beat; my heart sinks when an announcer/Emcee shouts, “Clap your hands!!” I just don’t want to. Ever. Sir.

7. I really can balance food on my nose and catch it in my mouth.

8. I’ve kissed 4 boys in my life.

9. My mother is my favorite person in the entire world.

10. I love movies based on dance. Any kind of dance. So if you want to make me very happy, you will come over to watch Center Stage, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and Step Up.

11. I have never had any job for a full year. It isn’t that I’m *totally* flighty; I just always kept moving up to another job I wanted more. I’m very excited to hit the one year mark in my current job, as I love it very much.

12. I’m entirely too into Friends. If you give me a line or two of an episode, I can most likely tell you who said it, what season, and possibly even the episode name (as well as the lines that come after it). I’m not ashamed.

13. I actually think it makes me awesome.

14. My first celebrity crush was Michael J. Fox.

15. My second was David Bowie. I attribute my love for boys in eyeliner to his work in Labyrinth (and the fact that I wanted to be Mrs. Stardust).

16. My roommate got me unicorn bandaids for Christmas and I”m in love with them. I’ve also been cursed with coordination and have found myself injury-free for a record period of time. Just yesterday I cut my finger and I was all, “OH YES!!!” That’s right. I’m typing this with a LOVELY unicorn bandaid on the fourth finger of my right hand.

17. I still have to make an ‘L’ with my forefinger and thumb to make sure I am correct when I try to distinguish between left and right.

18. I don’t even care that I just admitted that.

19. The Goonies was the first movie I ever saw in the theater. It’s our time down here, down here it’s OUR time. It’s their time up there, up there.

20. After much thought, I’ve narrowed down my favorite Simpsons episodes to THREE. The first is when they go to Japan and have to work in the fish factory. “Knife goes in, guts come out.” I love it. The second is when they go to Itchy and Scratchy Land, and this is the episode that made me start pronouncing it “possi-blie”. It is also the episode from whence cameth the name of the tumor in my thigh, Bort. (We are out of ‘Bort’ license plates in the gift shop, I repeat, we need more ‘Bort’ license plates!). The third is the episode where Bart plays miniature golf. Lisa is trying to get him to philosophize and tells him nobody knows the sound of one-hand clapping. He starts clapping with one hand by opening and closing it rapidly. And she’s all, “No Bart.” And he’s like, “No, listen Lisa! I did it!”

21. But I will never be able to decide on one specific favorite though.

22. I believe Jem and her Holograms really are truly, truly, truly outrageous.

23. I miss my sister every single day. She didn’t die or anything. She’s just in Texas. And I’m here. And so I miss her. Because she’s AWESOME.

24. Tiramisu is my favorite dessert ever.

25. I once simultaneously held office in a Christian sorority at A&M and the Pagan Student Association.

26. If having to select a religion on some form, I would no longer check the box for ‘Christian.’ My best and dearest friends not only support this, they love me and are just happy that I am finally comfortable with my spirituality.

27. I have a secret ambition to be able to hula hoop with 6 hula hoops at one time.

28. I can play badminton like nobody’s business.

29. I sing it, “Secret Asian Man.”

30. I’m jealous of my sister because she doesn’t *have* to wear a bra. She’s going to be angry with me for saying this. But she has NO idea.

31. There are at least 3 celebrities about whom I’d have no qualms with running up and MAKING OUT with them randomly. They are: John Cusack, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Eminem.

32. And Keanu, clearly.

33. I’ve been in exactly one relationship in my life and I learned more about myself in that year and a half than I ever thought possible.

34. Moving to Seattle all by myself was quite possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever done.

35. I like distortion and static in music.

36. My favorite band is Neutral Milk Hotel. If I try to explain all of the things I love about this band, i tend to get a bit teary. And if I really sit down and listen to their albums, I always cry.

37. I don’t really want to get married any time soon, nor am I a girl who is super into weddings. I do, however, always think about cool songs to play during the First Dance.

38. My roommate is like a tiny pixie but she exudes love and joy and craziness at all times. She makes my life so much richer and has pushed me to do things I don’t normally do (like stay out past 10pm). Plus, she’s just extremely cool.

39. I consider a few online strangers among some of my dearest friends.

40. I miss my grandmother so much sometimes I can barely breathe.

41. I’ve learned that I should only ever rap the Beastie Boys in karaoke. It’s better for everyone that way. Plus, I kick it root down.

42. I had 3 eye surgeries as a child, all to correct a lazy eye. The first two weren’t effective; the third was so effective, i woke up with a super crossed eye. I had to wear an eye patch for a very long time.

43. In 4th grade, I was the one kid in the class everyone made fun of. All the time. To this day, I blame the super short haircut I had and am convinced I would have been one of the popular girls if only I had had long hair.

44. I kind of miss being in a relationship sometimes.

45. I absolutely HATE Tootsie Rolls. They make me gag. BUT. Red Tootsie Pops are my favorite lollipop ever. And at my bank, they know this and they always tell me to take as many as I’d like.

46. I have one “niece”, daughter of one of my oldest and best friends Erica. I’m crazy for this little girl and can’t wait to see her grow up. I want to be her funky bohemian “aunt” out here in Seattle, the one she visits for a week between high school and college. I also want to make her mix tapes to begin her musical education. She is, without a doubt, the coolest child I’ve ever known in my life.

47. I had a roommate once who killed my pet fish, “Just Jack.” I still miss him.

48. Baseball is one of my favorite things in the whole entire world.

49. I love reggae.

50. I once stole a plastic penguin from a grocery store.

That’s all I got!