Say, “Believe that!”

I realize it’s been a *little* over a week since my last post. Really, it warms my heart to see what a kick ass job I’m doing on my committment to write in my blog weekly. BUT! I *think* about my blog weekly. Actually, probably more than that. In my head I’m a super great poster. In my head, I write something wonderful/earth-shattering/funny/deepn’meaningful every. Single. Day.

If only the world could live in my head.

Apparently I need to have pneumonia to be a good and faithful poster. These are the lessons we learn, I guess.

Okay, well. I don’t want to have pneumonia again, so sickness isn’t a good motivating tool. And I’ve shown where I stand with self-discipline, so we can count that out. That really only leaves the reward method. So now I’m going to do it like this: every time I write a post, I am free to treat myself to something delicious.

It’s a good plan.

So I plan to update more tomorrow, as I’ll be held captive on an airplane for many hours. I kind of have this love/hate relationship with flying on airplanes. There are many things I enjoy about flying on airplanes and many things that make me want to eat my face. In fact, let’s kick it, Listy Style!

Stuff I like about flying:
-The moving walkway
-Coffee shops
-High-fiving the gate agent who takes my ticket
-Ginger ale on the plane
-Watching people jump to stand up when we land, even though we won’t deplane for at least 10 minutes.

Stuff about flying that makes me want to eat my face:
-Having to take off my shoes
-The frightening passenger shuttles that go careening through the terminals
-Getting stuck behind the family of 12 who feels they *must* walk side by side
-The smell in the jetway
-Airplane bathrooms
-When I sit in the back of the plane and they are out of ginger ale by the time the beverage cart gets to me

This will be my first flight with the lappy, so I’m excited about the prospect of using my tray table as a lappy-holder. And I expect to do much writing.

So for today, you’re stuck with a quick update!

I’m heading to Houston for our 9th annual Girly Weekend. Once a year, I get together with my girls from college and we have a weekend of tasty food, shopping, movies, and immaturity. Except this time TWO of them are all knocked up and stuff, so we are also going to have a baby shower.

Now. I *love* my friends. I even am excited for the group being even more covered in babies. BUT. Baby showers? They are my Kryptonite.

So I’ve devised a game that will keep me smiling and appropriately pastel, if in attitude only. I’ve challenged myself to use a different word for “cute” every time I describe something. This means I cannot use the same word twice. So far I have these words:

Toward the end I kind of started describing a puppy, I think. I will either get a very good workout in my creativity or I will be a LOT quieter than normal. I’m open to more suggestions for words. (If only it weren’t a baby shower. This would make one hell of a drinking game. Maybe I’ll knock back a cupcake every time someone says “cute!!”…)

So yes. I will be posting at least once more this weekend because I do plan on writing things that are wonderful/earth-shattering/funny/deepn’meaningful while sipping Ginger Ale.

Pray for an abundance of Ginger Ale, y’all.

And maybe for a cute boy to sit in the seat next to me. Because I’ve always wanted to fall in love on an airplane…