Well. I’m doing a *bang up* job on the resolutions thus far.

*High Five*

Apparently I’m playing fast and loose with the word “weekly.” Whatever. I have pneumonia. It’s hard to cough and type at the same time. It’s hard to type while you are DYING.

Okay, maybe that was dramatic. But seriously. Last night I coughed for nearly 3 hours straight. Miss D tried to drop a train on me and nearly dragged me back to the ER but I stood my ground. Okay, that’s not entirely true either. I actually looked as pathetic as possible and told her I just needed to elevate myself on some pillows.

She bought it. Can you believe it?

She’s been great though. Like, super great. Like, Greatness actually rains down upon me whenever she’s around. She was an excellent ER buddy, as she distracted me when they put the IV in my wrist *and* she got a crash course in Radiology during the xrays. She checks on me at least 3 times a day and brings me ginger ale and offers to make me toast.

So yes. I’m terribly sorry about the lack of interesting words ’round these parts lately. I’m fairly lame. And I’ve been 27 now for almost 12 hours and so far all I’ve done is cough like a mofo. (Hee. My spellcheck doesn’t recognize mofo. H8R.)

Oooookay. I will finish this supremely lame post with a not so lame list of thoughts.

-I got many wonderful birthday wishes from many wonderful people, including this from my friend Paul:
“Happy super day to you.
I hope you feel good as new
When this virus you do kill
it will be for us a thrill
For then we get to play and play
and celebrate your special day
Untill that comes we’ll wait and wait
while looking forward to celebrate ….. ing.”

-Also, my friend Jeff got me a really neat book about the etymology of well known words/phrases. I’m becoming quite smart in my infirm state. AND he made me a super rad CD because that’s what he does. And is. Super rad.

-Moo is doing this new thing where she waits until she thinks I’m asleep and then she tries to crawl under the covers all stealthy like. And if I move while she’s doing this, she freezes and her eyes get HUGE and she practically holds her breath. The funny thing is this: I’d let her get under the covers. I’ve never *not* let her under the covers. She’s got a flair for the dramatic. I think it comes from living in a house with two girls and a cat who all have the same flair.

-I don’t own anything polka-dotted. At all.

-I’d like a cupcake. Right now.

That’s all I got!