So today’s post is inspired in part by Jason (who is one of the most talented people I’ve met) and in other part by Sage (who says nice things about me and who hosts the hell out of muffin competitions). So Jason, Sage…SHOUT OUT.

My motto in life is Let’s Just See. I kind of hate the word motto, but it’s fair to say Let’s Just See is a good response to most any idea or question. When I first started seriously considering a move across the country, I was stressed and worried about what might happen if I left Texas. I was terrified of leaving my support systems, no matter how thrilled I was at the idea of a new city and fantastic weather. I went back and forth, deciding and undeciding, until finally I thought, “You know what? Let’s just see.”

So here I am. Seeing.

I’ve never been one for resolutions but, in the spirit of Just Seeing, I’ve made a list of Things. Things for 2008. My Just See Things.

2008 Let’s Just See Things:
1. Sing Bobby McGee in Karaoke (last year’s song was Son of a Preacher Man)
2. Send a handwritten letter to my grandfather every month.
3. Do one completely unselfish thing every week (This will take the form of some sort of volunteer project, quite probably here).
4. Do one completely *selfish* thing every week.
5. Run three 5Ks.

-Meet with an advisor at UW to discuss completing my degree, creating a realistic time line for graduation (hopefully within the next 4 years).
-Publish one blog post per week.
-Continue professional development with the goal of advancing into the organizing arena with my organization.

So there you have it! A *list* of goals and resolutions! I’m growing up so much, making resolutions. And they’ve come a long way since I was thirteen and my only resolution was to get a boyfriend. And also to eat at the cool table.

In other news, I want to make a list of reasons I am so thankful for all of you who have made this blog such a supportive arena for sorting my thoughts:

Reasons I Heart You All:
-You are all so supportive and kind.
-You all bring so many different perspectives and points of view; I feel as though I learn so much from each of you!
-You say nice things about me and, well…flattery is rad.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, super rad 2008, full of kindness and delicious things!