So I turned the pink blog green. It seemed fitting, as I now live in The Emerald City. In fact, I’ve revamped a few things since my last post on the blog formerly dressed in pink. Short, bulleted list? Ooookay:

-No mas Vampire.
-No mas Tejas.
-No mas spa biz.
-No mas frizzy hair.
-Plus I have a dog now.

(I didn’t know how to say the last one in “Spanish.”)

So yes. That’s the basic update. I realize it isn’t super informative, but why focus on the past? At least, why focus on the past in this, my first blog entry in over a year? Nay! I am going to focus on the future. Another short, bulleted list? Ooookay!

-Moving into a new home this weekend. The lovely Miss Devylish has been kind enough to invite me and Maizie to share her space and honestly? Not a minute too soon.
-Working in the non-profit sect. I now proudly Stand for Children. Sometimes I File for Children. A few weeks ago I Put Together A Desk for Children.
-We are approaching fall here in Seattle and I couldn’t be happier about it. As I type this, I am prepared to go out for a delicious dinner with Miss D and I am wearing a sweater. In September. They are still all sweaty in Texas. I laugh with glee. Suckas.

There are many words left to say. I just am easing in, I guess. Back to the world of the blog. Back to sharing my life with 3 faithful readers, two of whom are blood relatives. But it feels good to be back, you know? Comfortable. Greener, yes, but familiar.

Stay tuned, kids. The pants are off and the adventure is about to begin.