This weekend has been one of my favorites in awhile. And after the last couple of weeks (which were not my favorites), I really needed a good weekend.

On Friday night, Toommate and I did the Fuddruckers thing, where I was dismayed to see their sign was STILL incorrect. They have a big sign above the grill that says, “Worlds Greatest Grill Cooks” or something like that. But it should be, “Worlds Greatest” with an apostrophe. Seriously, Fuddruckers. Come on. So I told the manager, and somehow that earned Toommate and I free cookies, which rocks.

After dinner, I came home and curled up in bed to watch some Friends. The Vampire was so excited about the present he got for my birthday he couldn’t wait until Monday to give it to me! So I opened it Thursday night. The first thing I saw was a GameCube box and my heart dropped. I mean, I’m supportive of the video games, I actually like when he gets caught up in them because then I get to read for hours, but I don’t want my own system! So I put on my happy face and got ready to squee for a little while. He was all giddy, saying, “Open it! I want to hook it up to your television!!” So I opened it and THERE WAS NO GAMECUBE! Instead, he got me Season 10 of Friends (so now I have all ten, primarily thanks to him!!). There was also the Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack, and a Barnes and Noble gift card because, according to the Vampire, “I know what books are. . .but that’s about it. Now you can get your own!!” I did a whole lot of Excited Sounds and Words, and then we snuggled up to watch some Friends. He’s been watching from Season 1, and now we are on Season 7, which is so exciting!

Saturday morning I slept in until about 9, when a weird dream involving Paris Hilton, make-up, acne, and Monistat cream woke me up. I stayed in bed for an hour watching Friends and then I went to Barnes and Noble to read magazines and invent a Saturday Morning Drink. This time I made a 2pump Caramel, 2pump Cinnamon Dolce, nonfat, 1/2caf, xhot latte, with whip and caramel on top. SO good. I used my gift card and bought Bee Season (which is incredible so far!) and 2 Martha Stewart magazines.

After Barnes and Noble, I took my car to be inspected. It FAILED. Something about the closed throttle malfunctioning. I have no idea. Poor car. Then I drove to Ft. Worth to meet Mom and Ceci to celebrate my birthday early. Mom took me to Lerner, where she got me some super cute clothes and really spoiled me rotten. Then we went to Victoria’s Secret and ransacked the clearance bra bin. After that, we went to see Brokeback Mountain, which was really good.

From the movie we went to Pappadeaux, where Mom was told there would be an hour wait (at least). Mom dared Ceci to go in and tell the hostess that she had called ahead earlier and was here for her table. 5 minutes later we were sitting down. It’s horrible, but you know what? I don’t even feel bad!! We ate way too much, had way too much fun, and I’m sad it’s over.

After dinner I came home and did a little fashion show for Toommate. Then the Vampire came over and got the same show. Then we snuggled up to watch MORE FRIENDS! Best thing ever, snuggling with a Vampire and watching Friends!

I slept in the morning until 10, woke up to rain and gray skies (which I loooove). I went to the supermarket and did a little shopping, came home, made spaghetti (enough to last me the next few days, which is my new Sunday plan. I think I’m going to try to make something every Sunday to last me for at least 2 days of meals. Then I might actually eat a little more healthfully).

Now I’m going to tidy up and get ready for work, which is the only no-fun part of my weekend.

Thanks again Mom, Ceci, and Matt, for the best day ever yesterday!!