This was a pretty good weekend, all things considered. Friday night, after work, I decided to get something delicious for dinner, so it was straight from the spa to Whole Foods, where I wandered the aisles for a good 20 minutes. I finally walked out of there with a 2 pound sack of matsumo oranges, which were on sale for $.99/lb. I ran into my friend Sonia in the checkout queue, so that was awesome. And instead of sitting inside warm Whole Foods, we stood by the Tercel for a good hour just chatting. I finally realized I couldn’t feel my toes inside my boots, so I bid Sonia goodbye and headed home. I heated up some clam chowder, got out my favorite Kashi crackers, and took of my pants. I sat on the sofa, pantsless, for a good two hours, watching television and eating oranges. I went to sleep at eleven because I am a loser.

Saturday morning I slept until 11, which was Awe. Some. I made eggs and toast and read for most of the morning. I shopped for some Christmas gifts and then headed to work for a couple of hours Saturday night to help Jane with billing for our eleventy billion guests. The Vampire came over at around 8:30 with our good friend Jason (or Mr. Deli, as I like to call him). We ate Jason and watched the Truman Show. I was hoping to do some kissin’, but instead, Jason decided to try to eat my stomach from the inside out, so the Vampire finished the movie while I was. . .well, nevermind. Once I felt a bit better, the Vampire and I just sat on the sofa and talked for awhile, then I sent him on his way so I could get some sleep.

I woke up this morning and headed straight into work at 9:30. The next time I looked at the clock, it was after 1. Today was cu-razy. We had over 20 women come in, so I was giving tours like a mofo. Then Ronda and I did the Orientation together, which was so fun, and one of the ladies kept asking me for vodka and wine. I came home, enjoyed a gourmet meal of peanut butter and jelly and about a thousand Hershey’s Kisses, which always make me think of Grandmama and always make me smile.

Now I’m going to take a loooooooong, hot bath and snuggle up in bed reading until my eyes won’t stay open (which probably will be a good 10 minutes). Early work day tomorrow, but at least I’ll get to pick up my prescription finally so I can start feeling better.

Ceci’s going to bring the Precious Baby Girl on Tuesday to visit. We are going to sit in our pajamas, watch Friends, and eat pizza, and I’m going to try to convince Mom to come too.

What did you guys do this weekend?