Or, what really happened:

So I remembered how the phone calls came about. I’m sorry that I took literary license, but I actually think I was still suppressing some of these memories. So there.

So Mom somehow (by maybe putting my laundry away?) discovered the cookies in the closet. Please view the scene as it really took place (I’m pretty sure, anyway):

Shrieking Banshee of a Mother: WHAT are the cookies doing in HERE?!!?
Me: (panicking) I didn’t put them there!!!!
Shrieking Banshee Mom: Then who did?!?!
Me: (seriously, how stupid can I be?) I don’t know!!!

So THAT’S when Mom got on the phone, calling the friends. THAT’S when Shanna told her I had shown her the cookies. THAT’S when the proverbial fan was hit with all sorts of stuff. THAT is when Yemen could rest no longer.

SORRY I GOT IT WRONG! But I remember now!