I have eleventy billion thoughts circulating through my mind right now, and I need to get them out. So here they are in no particular order.

I hate when it starts getting warmer outside. . .I’m so tired. . .I love eating chicken salad for lunch. . .I love how Kashi makes all sorts of wonderful foods for me. . .I need to go for a run. . .I don’t want to go to Biology tonight. . .I’m afraid of turning into a Bonnie Tyler song. . .Am I making a mistake. . .I can’t stop thinking about Big Decisions. . .My face is acting out like a 13 year old girl whose parents said she can’t get her nose pierced. . .When I was 13, I only wanted to dye my hair dark black. . .I need to start 3 papers. . .My bed is the most comfortable place in the entire world. . .I’d rather eat a grapefruit than run right now, only because it is so hot. . .I need new running shorts. . .I get very excited when I get to buy a new toothbrush. . .I wish I could do this whole weekend over again, just because it was so much fun. . .Why do I live my life for a stranger who may or may not even exist, and why do I worry so much about what this stranger will think of me. . .I’m glad Toommate is back. . .I’m not glad that she brought all this damn chocolate into our house. . .And I’ll probably steal a Cadbury Egg if she doesn’t hide them and/or watch her back. . .She’s lucky to have me. . .You hurt my feelings a little last night. . .But I think I hurt your feelings more. . .I’m sorry. . .I’m sleepy. . .I’m whiny. . .I love my new green skirt and I think I would wear it every day if I could. . .I really need to suck it up and run right now. . .It’s just so damn hot outside. . .And I really want a Cadbury Egg. . .Damn you, Toommate. . .I need a shower. . .so I should just go run and then my shower will be worth it, somehow. . .I’m weird. . .Stupid Big Decision. . .Yes or No. . .I’m going to go run.