At Girly Weekend 2005, one of the questions in Truth-or-Dare-in-a-Box was “what would you like to accomplish before you die?” It wasn’t a morbid question, just more of a curiosity thing, like, what’s most important to you.

This has become one of the only things I think about when I’m running. And I’ve started a list. So, for anyone who is interested, these are some of the things I’d like to do before I die. (If I had the energy, I’d make it rhyme and set it to the tune of My Favorite Things, but my list is serious and not to be trifled with.)

List of Things I’m Going to Do Before I Die:
-Make up a better title for my list
-Live on a street that’s named for something in Monopoly (Baltic, Oriental, etc)
-Run a marathon
-Get a 4.0 on a fulltime class load
-Figure out the proper use of the subjunctive
-Sing “Son of a Preacher Man” in karaoke
-Right before I sing (and rock) “Lose Yourself” in karaoke
-See the Yankees play in the Bronx
-Live in a place where it snows
-Spend a week by myself in a cabin in the mountains
-Visit Italy and Switzerland
-Have a dog named Shasta
-Wear a wedding dress that will flare out like mad when I twirl
-Get Goth’d out, just to see what it would look like on me
-Write something that somebody thinks about publishing somewhere
-Love someone completely
-Get my Masters in Social Work with an emphasis on REBT
-If I make it to 90, get a tattoo
-Bump fists with Eminem
-Learn how to say no to salespeople at my door
-Have a tree outside my window with ribbons tied to the branches; tons of ribbons all over
-Learn how to believe that God loves me
-Learn sign language
-Stop the Olsen Twins
-Own an autographed copy of Welcome to the Monkey House.
-Smile at least once every day
-Learn how not to be afraid to cry
-Figure out a way to tell all of these amazing people in my life how much they really mean to me and how much I’ll never be able to repay everything you all have done for me
-Learn how not to end lists on such a sappy note

So there you have it. I’m sure it will expand, but that’s it for now. And if you had the song, “I Hope You Dance,” in your head while you read that, well. . .my work is finished.

Oh!! This is fun too! The other night I went on a date with my next door neighbor, who may or may not be a Vampire. Those MightBeAVampire guys really know how to have fun! Sushi, movies. . .I’m saying! I was thinking I’d have all this funny stuff to say (because how many of you mofos can say you’ve been on a date with a Vampire??), but yeah, not so much. It was really fun. Although, we did have some fun conversations in which Mr. MightBeAVampire, or Mr.MBAV (tm jrpol, who is pretty) realized that we are two *very* different people. Observe:

Mr.MBAV: Wow. So you’ve never had a shot before?
Pretty Pretty Princess (PPP): Nope.
Mr. MBAV: Kind of makes me wonder what else you’ve never done…
PPP: *Blush* *Shift* *Blush*
Mr. MBAV: Are you blushing??
PPP: *Blush blush blush blush blushy blush*
Mr. MBAV: Wow!! You’re like this novelty item! Kind of like this sweet little girl people could tote in their pocket!
PPP: Token White Girl?
Mr. MBAV: *laughing*
PPP: Rent-a-Virgin?
Mr. MBAV: *chokes on his water* Exactly!!
PPP: *considers this* Yeah, maybe. But I bet I’d kick your ass in an Rap Like Eminem Contest.
Mr. MBAV: *almost spits out water*

So sorry that Mr. MBAV ended up being so much fun and that I have no good stories for you on that one.

You know what would be awesome? If you would make your own little list and share some if it with me. You. Yes, you.