For those of you who complain that I don’t post enough in my blog, here is something for you. This is a conversation I had with my old roommate Aaryn last night.

WARNING! Not for the underage or ultra-uptight!

Lil Miss Booyah: I had a dream last night that Dennis Quaid gave me pot.
monkeyakw: what happened after you smoked it?
Lil Miss Booyah: Nothing. He just gave me pot and then left.
monkeyakw: then what did you do with the pot?
Lil Miss Booyah: We smoked it. Apparently, Dream Alida smokes a lo-ot of pot. And it might not have been Dennis Quaid.
monkeyakw: then who was it?
Lil Miss Booyah: It might have been my neighbor, who may or may not be a vampire.
monkeyakw: i was going to say that it would be COOLER if your neighbor looked more like johnny depp than dennis quaid
Lil Miss Booyah: I KNOW! Love johnny depp.
monkeyakw: my across the street neighbors smoke a lot of pot. One of them has a feauxhawk.
Lil Miss Booyah: I’ve never smoked pot. Now I’m wondering if I should try it out.
Lil Miss Booyah: AWESOME
monkeyakw: hmmm you should.
Lil Miss Booyah: Have you ever?
monkeyakw: yea.
Lil Miss Booyah: And?
monkeyakw: it makes you lightheaded, you giggle a lot at stupid stuff, like you cant stop giggling, and then you get really hungry, then you sleep really well.
Lil Miss Booyah: How is that different from my life?
monkeyakw: hmm then you dont need pot. Too expensive.
Lil Miss Booyah: Maybe if someone just *gave* it to me.
monkeyakw: i know some people who know people, who can call your people.
Lil Miss Booyah: hee.
monkeyakw: actually, i’ll call shaun who keeps his pot in a hallowed out nelson demille book.
Lil Miss Booyah: awesome.
monkeyakw: heee.

Lil Miss Booyah: how was your day?
monkeyakw: it was anticlimatic.
Lil Miss Booyah: how so?
monkeyakw: just a boring hump day.
monkeyakw: with no humping whatsoever.
Lil Miss Booyah: hahaheee

Lil Miss Booyah: I keep wanting to make out with random people…you know, the whole NCMO thing. (For those of you who don’t know, a NCMO, pronounced NcMoo, stands for Non-Committal Make Out.)
monkeyakw: i support those.
Lil Miss Booyah: You are the one who told me about them….MONTHS ago so I should point out that I *still* haven’t had my NCMO.
monkeyakw: well maybe my feauxhawk pot smoking neighbor can make a personal delivery of multiple goods.
Lil Miss Booyah: Oooh, fun. Goods sounds kinky.

monkeyakw: must find alida a boytoy. I suggest eric nies.
Lil Miss Booyah: He is cute.
Lil Miss Booyah: and bootylicious!
Lil Miss Booyah: and biceplicious.
Lil Miss Booyah: Which leads me to believe that his other stuff is licious as well.
monkeyakw: Lol! Is it wrong to say frontalicous? Penilicious just seems like too much.
Lil Miss Booyah: It sounds like an antibiotic.
monkeyakw: it does cure a lot.
Lil Miss Booyah: HAHAHEE!
Lil Miss Booyah: Yes, but so does ice cream.
monkeyakw: which doesnt lead to unwanted conception.
monkeyakw: ice cream 1 penis 0.
Lil Miss Booyah: Yes, but penises probably burn more calories.
Lil Miss Booyah: ice cream 1 penis 1.
monkeyakw: if they’re used right.
Lil Miss Booyah: word.

monkeyakw: we’re some pot smokin whores!
Lil Miss Booyah: Always have been.
Lil Miss Booyah: Well, maybe not always.
Lil Miss Booyah: There was that time when I went crazy.
Lil Miss Booyah: Pot might have helped.
Lil Miss Booyah: or penises.

Lil Miss Booyah: You’re the most awesome who ever awesome’d.
monkeyakw: yes i agree.
monkeyakw: i may have to put chunks of our conversation in my blog.
Lil Miss Booyah: I was just going to ask if I could do the same.
Lil Miss Booyah: You have my persimmion.
Lil Miss Booyah: I meant to write permission, but that came out and it was funny.
monkeyakw: lol

So there you have it. I think this conversation speaks for itself.